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Date: Dec 18, 2008
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Featured firm in this article: Expansyn Technologies Inc of State College, PA

STATE COLLEGE, PA — Ben Franklin Technology PArtners of Central and Northern PA, Inc., part of a statewide network that promotes innovation, job opportunities, and economic growth, recently invested nearly $1 million in nine Pennsylvania companies. The BFTP/CNP Board of Directors approved the investments at the December 18, 2008 meeting which was held at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center.

Energy Wall, LLC (Centre County) received $75,000 for the further development of high efficiency air-to-air energy recovery exchangers that have no moving parts. For more information, see

Expansyn Technologies, Inc. (Centre County) was awarded $90,000 to continue research related to developing biofuel applications for a variety of novel plant proteins. For more information, contact Mr. Tim Hurley at

Indigo BioSciences, Inc. (Centre County) will use the $200,000 investment to help provide toxicologists, drug developers, and researchers with frozen, single-use, whole cell nuclear receptor assay products. For more information, contact Dean Bunnell at

SilcoTek Corporation (Centre County) was awarded $125,000 to help further develop a market for the company's coating technologies which improve the properties of stainless steel and decrease the likelihood of corrosion. For more information, contact Sabah Dabby at

Advanced Wall Forms Corporation (Clearfield County) received $100,000 to help manufacture, market, and sell the Snap Block Wall Form System. Snap Blocks are stay-in-place insulated concrete wall forms that reduce construction costs. For more information, contact Robert Kitchen at 814-845-7799.

Integrity AG Systems (Franklin County) was awarded $125,000 to continue providing a wide array of customizable clean-tech products, equipment and technologies for manure and herd management. For more information, see

Air Dynamics (York County) received $75,000 to further design and develop state-of-the art Air Pollution Control Devices such as the Kitchen Sentry â„¢ for industrial and commercial applications. For more information see

Dynasty Software LLC (Crawford County) will use its investment of $57,500 to create a web-based application that provides hospitals with the ability to easily organize, modify, and verify all surgical equipment and tray inventories. For more information, contact Ms. Sheila Wood at 814-807-0066.

Pioneer Energy Products, LLC (Venango County) will receive $75,000 to help develop a fully integrated, more efficient renewable energy system for radio communication equipment located in extreme conditions and remote sites. See