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Next-Generation Lubrication Solutions for Pharmaceutical Packaging
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Featured firm in this article: Tribofilm Research Inc of Raleigh, NC

In this article, appearing for the first time in ONdrugDelivery Magazine, we're pleased to introduce Jackson D Thornton, PhD, Senior Research Scientist; Daniel E Jonsen, PhD, Principal Scientist; and Vinay Sakhrani, Vice-President, Technology, all of TriboFilm Research Inc. Here, they discuss the importance of lubrication in prefilled syringes, especially in auto injector applications, outline some of the drawbacks of traditional silicone oil-based lubrication, and describe a novel Atmospheric Plasma Technology, which immobilises lubricants (including silicone and TriboFilm's own PFPE-based next generation lubrication system) onto glass and polymer primary container surfaces.