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Multi-photon absorber database for photonics and microscopy applications from Simphotek
Date: Nov 06, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Simphotek Inc of Newark, NJ

Simphotek's new searchable multi-photon absorbers (MPA) database enables fast and easy access to the right multi-photon absorbers for applications in fields such as biomedical imaging, lithography, 3D optical storage, stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy, photo dynamic therapy (PDT), confocal microscopy, laser protection and a host of other photonics applications. Researchers in these fields are constantly faced with the difficulty of choosing the right materials for their specific requirements. It can be a tedious, time consuming and expensive task, searching through data sheets, online and other published sources to find specific dye combinations with suitable photo-physical characteristics. Even then there is always the nagging doubt that the optimum materials may still be out there, undiscovered by the user.

What is required is a single database that pulls together over 1000 multi-photon absorbing materials and lists them along with systematic names, structural formulae, over 20,000 relevant photo-physical parameters such as absorption and emission spectra, energy level diagrams, quantum yields, wavelength dependencies, extinction coefficients etc. It needs to be fully searchable, in a hierarchical way so that materials with a combination of precise characteristics can be found, quickly and easily and cross referenced to the sources they were taken from, to give confidence in the measurements. The saving in time, money and the increased level of confidence in having made the right selection, form such a database, would be enormous.

Simphotek's unique new MPA Info+ database represents years of painstaking research and development to give users all the relevant data at their fingertips to quickly and confidently select the best MPA for their requirements. This allows experimentalists, researchers and industrialists to do what they do best, and obtain results, in the confidence that the optimum materials for their requirements have been selected, simply and effectively.

The database can be purchased as a stand alone product or as an add-on to Simphotek's SimphoSOFT simulation tools, where experiments using these and arbitrarily defined photo-active materials can be studied to provide data on the best materials for an application or to help explain observed experimental behaviour or anomalies from published results.