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Morpho Technologies Introduces Integrated WiMAX System Solution; Licensable Hardware and Software IP Solution Delivers up to a 21-Month Advantage in Time-to-Market
Date: Apr 05, 2006
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Featured firm in this article: Morpho Technologies Inc of Irvine, CA

LAS VEGAS--April 5, 2006--Morpho Technologies, the leader in design and development of ultra high-performance Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for multi-mode broadband wireless solutions, today announced the introduction of a new, integrated WiMAX system solution. Aimed at the emerging and fast-growing WiMAX-enabled mobile device marketplace -- including handsets, notebook PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs and portable audio, video and gaming devices -- this licensable hardware and software IP solution provides semiconductor companies a significantly quicker and lower-risk entry into the WiMAX market.

The integrated Morpho Technologies 802.16e System Solution is comprised of the new MS2 PHY Communications Engine, MT 802.16e SoftPhy Software and MT 802.16e MAC Software. The MS2 communications engine is both ultra efficient and reconfigurable. The solution enables Adaptive Algorithm Selection (AAS), which can adapt the physical layer algorithms based on channel conditions, providing adaptive performance superior to traditional device architectures. Thanks to the platform's reconfigurability, companies using the solution will also be able to track and incorporate evolving standards quickly and add new features easily.

"WiMax is a very exciting fast-emerging market and we are pleased to be able to offer a very low-risk approach for semiconductor companies to enter the market. Our unique 'soft' approach to the physical layer delivers fast time-to-market and reduced end-product risk," said Morpho Technologies' CEO, John Rayfield.

A System on Chip (SoC) solution can be implemented in three to six months when licensing the Morpho Technologies' solution, compared to 18-24 months typically required for in-house development programs, providing a potential savings of up to 21 months. As a result, licensing the Morpho Technologies WiMAX system solution can significantly reduce time-to-market in addition to reducing risk associated with developing a system in-house. In addition, the MS2 communication platform can be leveraged to implement other air interfaces.

"This licensable solution offers a significant reduction in risk and can greatly accelerate time to market for WiMAX-enabled devices," said Will Strauss, president and principal analyst of research firm Forward Concepts. "Also, the greater flexibility offered by Morpho Technologies' soft approach can provide assurance that baseband designs actually track evolving standards."

The solution is based on an upfront licensing model, with pricing subject to customer volumes and application requirements. It will be available in July of 2006, and can be licensed to companies looking to add WiMAX support to their existing wireless communication solutions and companies interested in developing stand-alone WiMAX product offerings.

Demonstrating support for this new product introduction, Morpho Technologies recently closed a new round of funding with participation from all current major investors.

About Morpho Technologies

Morpho Technologies designs power-efficient, high-performance, reconfigurable digital signal processor (DSP) cores, software and multi-mode broadband wireless solutions. These solutions are based on the company's proprietary DSP architecture coupled with optimized applications software, and sophisticated development, simulation and design tools. Morpho Technologies supports the drive towards seamless connectivity that enables radio devices to switch from one air interface standard (AIS) to another and is committed to delivering technology designed around software defined radio technology (SDR) that will enable reconfigurable system architectures for wireless networks. For more information, please visit Morpho Technologies is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.