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Microtech Introduces three new pr oducts to be unveiled at SPIE BiOS/Photonics West
Date: Jan 20, 2012
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Featured firm in this article: Microtech Instruments of Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR, January 20th, 2012
. Microtech Instruments, Inc. will introduce
several new products at BiOS and Phot
onics West exhibits in San Francisco,
opening on January 21st.
All new products use ultrafast fiber la
ser technology to enable advanced
solutions for a variety of applicatio
ns including: laser micromachining,
coherent Raman (CARS) and other multi-photon optical and THz imaging
and spectroscopy.
is a laser micromachining system
based on an ultrafast fiber
laser combined with an optical scanner, positioning hardware and control
software. Ultrafast fiber lasers provid
e a combination of reliability and ultra-
high peak power, which makes them th
e ideal tool for industrial material
processing applications. The picosecond
laser ablation process occurs on
such short timescales that thermal effe
cts are minimized. Without thermal
effects, micro-cracking, melting,
and other common defects that are
commonly problematic in nanosecond
laser processing are avoided. The
system operates at 532 nm and 1064 nm
wavelengths with pulse energies
up to 10 μJ at repetition rates varying from single shot to 1 MHz, enabling
clearing rates exceeding 100 mm2/s, and scribing rates reaching 10 m/s.
More information about PikaRay-10μJ laser micromachining system is
available at:
FPPO-900 is a picosecond, tunable OPO
suitable for coherent Raman (CARS)
and other multi-photon imaging and spec
troscopy applications. The system
is pumped by a 6ps, 1064 nm, 109 MHz fi
ber laser, which is converted to
532 nm by second harmonic generation. The 532 nm pulses act as the
pump for the OPO, which is tunabl
e from 750 -- 900 nm (signal) and 1300 -
1800 nm (idler). In a CARS experiment,
the tunable signal beam is used as
the pump, while the fundamental at
1064 nm provides the Stokes
pulse. The user also has access to th
e longer wavelength idler pulses. The
short duration (< 6ps) and narrow bandwidth (<10cm-1) of FPPO-
900 provide the peak power and spectral selectivity critical for CARS
imaging and spectroscopy.
More information on FPPO-900 ultraf
ast OPO system is available at:
Terahertz Parametric Oscillators —
TPO-1500 and TPO-850
— deliver up to
0.1 mW of average power (>150 mW of
peak power) at 1.5 THz and 0.85
THz, respectively. With spectral widt
hs of <100 GHz, the output of these
sources fit perfectly into atmospheric
transmission window
s, making it an
ideal source for terahertz imaging.
Very high peak power makes TPOs
suitable for imaging systems employin
g nonlinear optical effects or time
domain terahertz spectroscopy, while
sufficiently high average power makes
it suitable for thermal detector array imaging.
Operation of the TPO is based on diffe
rence frequency generation in a quasi-
phase-matched Gallium Arsenide crysta
l placed inside fiber laser pumped
optical parametric oscillator.. This te
chnology was developed by Microtech
Instruments in collaboration with rese
archers at Oregon
State and Stanford
Universities, and the development progra
m was originally funded by Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (D
ARPA) in 2004, and more recently by
Air Force Office of Scie
ntific Research (AFOSR).
"We are really excited to introduce this
product after seven years of research
and development," commented Patrick Te
kavec, R&D Manager at Microtech.
"This technology is scalable to higher
power sources, covering multiple
spectral bands, enabling compact and maintenance free instruments for
industrial applications."
More information on TPO products is available at:
About Microtech Instruments, Inc.
Microtech Instruments is a manufacture
r of advanced scientific instruments
for ultrafast Laser Micromachining,
Coherent Raman, Multi-photon and
Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy
applications. Serving the global
research community for over 15 years,
Microtech collaborates with leading
research organizations worldwide.