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MBio Diagnostics, Inc. Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio
Date: Sep 16, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: mBio Diagnostics Inc of Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO, September 16, 2013 -- MBio Diagnostics, Inc. announced today that it has received Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office on two new patents that broaden protection of the company’s diagnostics technology. MBio also announced issuance of a new technology patent in South Africa. The new US and South African patents add to MBio’s broad, international intellectual property position, strengthening MBio’s pipeline for human diagnostics products in development for global health applications.

The MBio allowed patent titled “System and Method for Detecting Multiple Molecules in One Assay” protects key elements of the MBio fluorescence reader and cartridge, which enables fast, inexpensive, near patient biological tests. When combined with MBio’s already extensive patent coverage of its core waveguide technology, the new patent provides comprehensive protection of the MBio Array System. The Array System is the basis of MBio’s high value immunoassay and nucleic acid test product development that is poised to address a global market for point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing of more than $13 billion. Directly linked to the MBio Array System, the South Africa patent covers key elements of MBio’s waveguide technology, already protected in the US under the recently issued patent number 8,300,993. South Africa is an important emerging market and is part of MBio’s global health business strategy.

The allowed patent titled “Planar Optical Waveguide with Core of Low-Index-Of-Refraction Interrogation Medium” is an innovative capability expansion of MBio’s waveguide technology. The technology can be applied to numerous laboratory and life science research applications, as well as near patient diagnostics such as rapid blood tests, affording both increased sensitivity in detection and significantly lowering manufacturing cost.
MBio CEO Chris Myatt commented that the new patents are the result of the company’s ongoing investment in innovation, combined with a business strategy focused on delivering products that meet critical global health needs. According to Myatt, “MBio has invested in a creative, product-focused, science and engineering team that develops practical, differentiated product solutions. These US and international patents validate our early investment in technology innovation, adding significant business value by providing a strong legal position to support our global product launches.”

About MBio:
MBio Diagnostics, Inc. ( is a privately held diagnostics and life sciences company based in Boulder, CO. MBio Diagnostics is increasing access to quality healthcare by delivering innovative and low cost point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. The MBio System is initially being commercialized to manage the treatment of HIV patients from a single drop of blood. The MBio elegant detection system is being developed for a broad menu of applications including multiplex assays and cellular analysis.

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