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Internet2 and Evogh Partner To Offer Internet2 Members Multi-Point Video Collaboration
Date: Apr 24, 2012
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Featured firm in this article: EVOGH Inc of Altadena, CA

Internet2, the worldʼs most advanced networking consortium, and Evogh will partner to provide SeeVogh, a hybrid cloud video collaboration service, to Internet2's members. The announcement was made today at the Spring 2012 Internet2 Spring Member Meeting. "SeeVogh provides a service that makes video collaboration affordable to all of our membership, even K-12 and Public Libraries," said Dave Lambert, President and CEO, Internet2. "Internet2 will work with Evogh and our regional research and education networks to make this accessible at a local level."

The service has gained early traction with higher education leaders including California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Rochester Institute of Technology, Tulane University, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with many more actively evaluating the SeeVogh service. SeeVogh is available immediately to Internet2 members in higher education and research as a NET+ service and will leverage InCommon federated authentication later in the year.

"SeeVogh represents the fruits from years of software development and global operational deployment to researchers around the world," said Philippe Galvez, CEO and co-founder of Evogh. "We have built an elegant solution that combines the best of videoconferencing with the best of web meetings, and now with our announcement of H.323 and SIP (videoconferencing standard protocols) bridging, we believe muti-point videoconferencing will soon be as common as the cell phone."

The SeeVogh offering includes:

Enable multi-point, video conferences on PC's running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems and mobile devices
Up to 1080p High Definition displays for all meeting members
Dynamic video quality adapts to the environment
Simultaneous, multiple document sharing
Meetings for up to 50 people

SeeVogh from Evogh is part of the Internet2 NET+ Services program to provide "above the network" services to Internet2 member organizations, including higher education, government, and industry. The new services will be tailored to the needs of the Internet2
community, will be cost and administratively effective, and will leverage Internet2ʼs 100G network and InCommon identity management services.

​About Internet2

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About Evogh

Evogh, Inc.'s is the developer of SeeVogh, the first hybrid-cloud, HD, multi-point, video collaboration solution for PCs (Windows, Mac & Linux), mobile and legacy telepresence equipment. SeeVogh provides a complete solution without the expense of client software,
proprietary servers or special network infrastructure. Evogh is a privately held company with headquarters in Pasadena, California and spawned from the great minds at Caltech.