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Incom Announces Partnership with Lytro at NAB
Date: Apr 18, 2016
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Featured firm in this article: Incom Inc of Charlton, MA

LAS VEGAS, and CHARLTON, Mass., April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Incom, the world's largest supplier of glass and polymer fiber optic solutions, empowers digital display innovation. At the NAB Show, Incom announced that Lytro, the leader in Light Field technology, uses Incom components in Lytro Cinema, the world's first Light Field solution for film and broadcast. The breakthrough capture system enables the complete virtualization of the live action camera—transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes—and allows for traditionally impossible shots.

"Incom contributes significantly to the optical systems inside the Lytro Cinema camera that defies traditional physics of on-set capture and allows filmmakers to capture in ways that have previously been impossible," said Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video for Lytro. "Incom and Lytro share a passion for harnessing the power of light to provide unprecedented creative capabilities."

Serving as a critical element to Lytro Cinema is another example of Incom's optical innovation capabilities, which have endless applications across industries that include automotive, gaming, building automation, military, aeronautics, medical and any other digital human interface businesses.

"Incom helps Lytro channel the power of light to forge new ground in cinema components, and improve video quality and viewer experience," said Michael A. Detarando, President/CEO for Incom. "Leveraging Incom optics to virtualize a live action camera demonstrates how Incom pushes the boundaries of imaging innovation."

Incom manufactures glass and polymer fiber optic elements that enable the Lytro Cinema components to capture hundreds of millions of rays of light. Custom engineering processes allow partners to engineer solutions at various sizes, strengths, configurations and shapes for data collection.

Incom will be at NAB April 18-21. Contact Jeff Solari for a meeting/demo.

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