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Incom and Arradiance enter into licensing agreement for ALD process
Date: Jun 28, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Arradiance Inc of Sudbury, MA

Charlton, MA, and Sudbury, MA--Fiberoptics manufacturer Incom and atomic-layer deposition (ALD) technology developer Arradiance have entered into a licensing agreement, under which Incom will utilize Arradiance's proprietary ALD microchannel plate (MCP) activation process.

The technology will be used in multiple applications, including medical scanning, homeland security, and a new, large-area MCP-photomultiplier tube (PMT) device. Among other collaborators, Incom has been working with Argonne National Laboratory (Lemont, IL) and the University of Chicago in Illinois on a $3.5 million Phase I and II "Technology Transfer" funded by the Department of Energy. The funding is ultimately for the commercialization of a revolutionary new device, considered as a possible replacement for traditional PMT currently being used in the area of high energy physics worldwide.

"Initial test results demonstrate exceptionally high gain, uniformity, and lifetime for the plates processed using this ALD technology. These advancements enable extension of MCP-PMT detection systems into the demanding medical and homeland security markets," says Ken Stenton, Arradiance president and CEO.

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Arradiance is enabling us to better perceive the hidden world all around us. Their functional thin film equipment and devices greatly enhance the performance of imaging and detection systems, providing resolution, gain and lifetime improvements that were previously unattainable. Their enabling processes and products will open the door to a new world of flexible, robust, electro-optic systems that will change the way we see our world. Founded in 2003, Arradiance, a privately-held Massachusetts based product and technology company, is committed to bringing novel solutions to difficult problems.


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