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Honey Bee Supplier Review - BeeWeaver Apiaries Review
Author: Lauren Ware
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Featured firm in this article: BeeWeaver Apiaries of Austin, TX

I recently ordered three pounds of package bees and a BeeWeaver queen from BeeWeaver Apiaries in Austin, Texas. BeeWeaver's queens are a combination of Buckfast bees, which are a rare breed, and their own lines they developed, BeeSMaRT and AllStar. They are bred to be resistant to mites, have high honey production and overall healthy populations.
BeeWeaver Apiaries Bees

I have one hive of BeeWeaver bees which I installed from a package, and one nuc colony that I purchased from a local beekeeper. After a month, the BeeWeaver colony production has far surpassed that of the nuc colony! They're doing fantastic. I can't believe how quickly they are expanding. The brood pattern is beautiful and the queen is laying like crazy.
BeeWeaver Customer Service

I had a great experience with BeeWeaver's customer service. They shipped quickly. I dropped the queen cage and then installed it wrong, and they were right there to advise me when I called. And when my newly hived bee colony absconded, they answered my email promptly and had great suggestions for how to prevent it from happening again.
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