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DOE SBIR Success Story

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DOE SBIR Success Story
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Featured firm in this article: Exelus Inc of Fairfield, NJ

Photo of Styrofoam cups. Caption reads, 'The ExSym process enables more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly production of styrene monomer, which is used to make Styrofoam and other products.'EERE has tracked commercialized SBIR-funded technologies by estimating realized and potential energy, environmental, and economic benefits of selected projects.

Exelus Inc., starting in 2005 with an EERE SBIR grant, developed the Exelus Styrene Monomer (ExSyM) process, which potentially requires as much as 50% less capital investment, uses 40% less energy, and produces 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional styrene monomer production methods. Many commonly-used products, such as Styrofoam cups, are made from styrene monomer.