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Design Net Engineering Awarded $9.47 Million Contract by Northrop Grumman
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Featured firm in this article: Design Net Engineering Group LLC of Golden, CO

golden, CO, August 06, 2011—Design Net Engineering has been awarded a $9.47M multi-year contract from Northrop Grumman Corporation to develop the command and data handling system and core software as well as the power management and distribution system for the Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) T2E spacecraft.

‘Our partnership with Northrop Grumman provides an example of how technology can help us maintain our lead in space and provides a model for how a large business, with its decades of successful delivery of space systems, can partner with a team of scientists and engineers who have deep expertise in Plug-N-Play systems to develop and field next generation space systems,’ said Gerry Murphy, Chief Technical Officer, Design Net Engineering.

The Multi-Mission Modular Space Vehicle (MSV) contract, administered by NASA Ames Research Center for the Department of Defense’s ORS office, is a long term procurement contract that may be used to buy additional mission vehicles after the non-recurring engineering is retired with this first mission. This open standards based, rapidly configurable spacecraft architecture will dramatically increase the ability of government agencies to use space for a number of purposes. The ORS T2E spacecraft is scheduled for launch in 2015. The T2E spacecraft is the first of its kind with the space plug and play architecture components and network.