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CytoSorbents is a critical --care focused publicly traded company (NasdaqCM: CTSO) located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.[1][2][3] Cytosorbents has created a blood purification technology based on biocompatible, highly porous polymer beads that act like sponges to remove harmful substances from the blood.[4][5]

CytoSorb, the Company's first product to market, received its CE mark approval in 2011.[6][7] The product is currently used in Europe for critical illnesses such as sepsis, burn injury, trauma, lung injury, and pancreatitis.[8] CytoSorbents is the vertically integrated ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of CytoSorb.[9]

CytoSorbents was awarded a $3.8 million contract by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for its "Dialysis-Like Therapeutics" program to treat sepsis by removing cytokines and pathogen-derived toxins.[10] The US Army awarded the Company a $1.15 million small-business innovation research contract to evaluate the technology in burn and trauma.[11] The US Air Force is funding a $3million FDA approved randomized controlled trial in trauma and rhabdomyolysis.[12][13]

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