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Curie Co joins as Breakout Labs' newest portfolio company
Date: Nov 27, 2018
Author: Renee Shenton
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Featured firm in this article: Curie Co Inc of New York City, NY

Breakout Labs has recently funded Curie Co, a life science company that engineers enzymes and marine biomaterials to replace harmful and banned chemicals.

The majority of everyday drugstore products -- soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. -- contain chemicals that are banned or soon-to-be-banned by the FDA. This urgently affects $89B in personal care products and $35B in consumer care products. Curie Co makes 100% sustainable and safe ingredients from recycled marine biomaterials (branded OceanSafeā„¢) for use in 100s of products you can find on the shelves of Walmart, Target and CVS -- all without inflating their price points.

With a powerful combination of synthetic biology and enzyme engineering, Curie Co's new materials can fully replace the function of the banned chemicals. So when used in existing consumer products, they will work to the same effect. These solutions are biocompatible for consumers and environment alike: safe on humans, with no harm to our oceans. Curie Co has also partnered with National Labs and Academic Institutions, in addition to being a JLABS company to develop a new generation of antimicrobial compounds and preservatives.

Curie Co's mission is to replace chemicals banned by the FDA with OceanSafe™ingredients in everyday goods, so consumers can get their same favorite products, at the same price point, without doing harm to the environment or themselves. To this end, Curie Co is positioned to become a trusted supplier and world leader of engineered enzymes and biopolymers.

The founding team has a unique combination of technical, business, and branding experience from big pharma to CPG, having held positions at Merck, Gene Oracle, Codexis, Birchbox, and Good Housekeeping.

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