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ClearMotion Announces Acquisition of Bose Corporation’s Active Motion Control Business
Date: Nov 15, 2017
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Featured firm in this article: ClearMotion Inc of Billerica, MA

ClearMotion, Inc., a global automotive technology company commercializing the world's first proactive ride system, today announced it has acquired the Bose Ride business, Project Sound active suspension, and other predictive road-sensing software from Bose Corporation. ClearMotion's acquisition of these technologies further strengthens the company's product offering, bringing ClearMotion a step closer to achieving its mission to be the leading motion control company in mobility.

Bose has invested over thirty years of development on active motion control technology. Its pioneering active suspension system, code-named Project Sound, made waves early on as a revolutionary technology for cars. This technology alone secures ClearMotion's position as the industry's largest player in active motion control, now with a total of over 300 patents.

In addition, ClearMotion acquired the technology for the award-winning Bose Ride product, a seat system that actively counteracts road disturbances. Initially developed for commercial applications, Bose Ride is the market's leading active seat that improves ride quality and reduces occupant fatigue. ClearMotion plans to scale the portfolio of Bose technologies across all types of vehicles and classes including self-driving platforms, consumer SUVs and pick-ups, commercial truck, bus, agriculture and off-highway. In doing so, ClearMotion is primed to offer the most robust proactive ride offering in the market.

"The Bose brand is synonymous with innovation, and their breakthroughs in motion control are no exception," said Shakeel Avadhany, CEO and co-founder of ClearMotion. "These technologies will be assimilated into our product portfolio at a time where the car business undergoes remarkable change. We believe that the quality of time in cars is vital, and ClearMotion will distinguish our customers from the many mobility developments underway. We will offer innovative automakers the ability to adapt their cars, pick-ups, SUVs and self-driving platforms to the rapidly changing needs of the customer as autonomous functionality recaptures lost time while in motion."

"We're very proud of the work our engineers have done in the area of suspension and motion-control technology," said Marc Mansell, vice president, Bose Automotive Systems. "From the Project Sound research initiative that launched in the 1980's, to the Bose Ride system that has positively impacted lives for nearly a decade, this work has been revolutionary. We look forward to seeing ClearMotion continue the development of the technology and taking it to the next level."

ClearMotion is set to lead the industry in developing a new experience for a new age of transport. Proactive ride solves one of the automotive industry's biggest challenges ahead by bridging the gap between the driving experience and the passenger experience. With the addition of the Bose technologies, ClearMotion will continue to address the opposing needs of the ultimate mobile office and driving machine, from tire to occupant.