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Charles River Analytics Develops an Adaptive Game Based Environment for Personalized Training
Date: May 11, 2016
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Featured firm in this article: Charles River Analytics Inc of Cambridge, MA

Charles River Analytics presents its adaptive game-based environment for powerful, personalized training. The US Air Force is seeking more efficient and cost-effective tools for constructing game-based maintenance training. To address this challenge, Charles River developed Maintenance Training based on an Adaptive Game-Based Environment using a Pedagogic Interpretation Engine, or MAGPIE. MAGPIE combines an integrated suite of efficient content authoring tools, models of trainee skill and motivation, and a game adaptation engine to dynamically deliver game-based maintenance training that is responsive to individual learning needs, performance, and instructor guidance.

About Charles River Analytics:
Since 1983, Charles River Analytics has been delivering intelligent systems that transform our customers' data into mission-relevant tools and solutions to support critical assessment and decision-making. Charles River continues to grow its technology, customer base, and strategic alliances through research and development programs for the DoD and the Intelligence Community, addressing a broad spectrum of mission areas and functional domains, including: sensor and image processing, situation assessment and decision aiding, human systems integration, and cyber analytics. These efforts have resulted in a series of successful products that support continued growth in our core R&D contracting business, as well as the commercial sector. Charles River became an employee-owned company in 2012, to set the stage for the next-generation of innovation, service, and growth.