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Carbon Capture at the Nano scale -- New Energy Saving System wins DOE Award
Date: Aug 13, 2018
Author: Tony Anderson
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Featured firm in this article: Precision Combustion Inc of North Haven, CT

Carbon Capture at the Nano scale -- New Energy Saving System wins DOE Award

North Haven, CT -- August 13th, 2018 -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced it has won a Department of Energy Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop a novel High-Efficiency Post Combustion Carbon Capture System.

Energy requirements dominate current carbon dioxide capture economics. PCI's new technology directly tackles the energy cost challenge, developing a high capability nanosorbent on a tailorable support that offers the opportunity to significantly improve the efficiency of CO2 removal from post combustion exhaust. Benefits also include suitability for rapid heat transfer and low temperature swing regeneration operating modes needed for cost-effective carbon capture.

PCI's system will act as a more efficient sponge for selectively capturing CO2 and then later releasing it, with reduced energy costs compared to current amine alternatives. The solution can be applied to new power generation systems or retrofitted to existing systems.

According to Dr. Codruta Loebick, the Principal Investigator, "We had some great results in the Phase I of this project, showing the promise of our approach. What we're doing is potentially a breakthrough - a new technology for cutting the energy needed, which is the primary cost of carbon capture. The Phase II project will explore this and test the potential here at PCI, while developing some underlying concepts."

President Kevin Burns adds, "World markets are looking for more efficient carbon capture materials and systems, and with success this technology offers America a significant export opportunity. We need economic approaches to reducing climate change, and this approach offers a strong economic driver. More efficient carbon capture will reduce the net costs of power generation. We look forward to this project and to discussions with power and materials companies that may have interest in this technology."
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