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Brewer Science Innovation Expands Lithography Limits with New Advanced Materials
Date: Feb 25, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Brewer Science Inc of Rolla, MO

February 25, 2013 -- Brewer Science, inventor of anti-reflective coatings for advanced lithography and a market leader for over thirty years, continues to push the limits of patterning technology with new innovative solutions in 2013. Building on its strong expertise in material design, Brewer Science continues to deliver more versatile lithography technologies. The new generations of ARC® and OptiStack® materials have set the industry standard for advanced lithography.

Brewer Science strives to introduce innovative material solutions based on flexible platform designs to give customers competitive advantages and enable cost-effective device manufacturing. Last year, the company successfully commercialized multiple OptiStack® materials for negative-tone development (NTD) while making significant developments in OptiStack® material platforms for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and directed self-assembly (DSA) patterning. These advances in the OptiStack® material platforms, along with techniques for improving defectivity and pattern transfer performance, will be presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013 in San Jose, February 24-28. With this work, Brewer Science continues to fulfill its commitment to the industry by furthering Moore's Law through materials solutions.

"Looking to the future we will continue to innovate, work closely with customers and vendors, and push technology boundaries," said Dr. Terry Brewer, founder and CEO of Brewer Science. "Innovation is what the industry needs to make the big technology jumps required for the future, and Brewer Science is positioned to continue to play that important role in the supply chain. The successful products we have delivered through the years have been a result of the company's commitment to innovation, which will only increase."

To learn more about advanced lithography material solutions for semiconductor device fabrication, please contact Darron Jurajda, Director of Brewer Science's Semiconductor Business, at

Visit Brewer Science at BOOTH 217 at SPIE Advanced Lithography, February 24-28, 2013.

About Brewer Science
Brewer Science is a global technology leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials, processes, and equipment for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting. Brewer Science provides process flexibility and a competitive edge for its customers and plays a critical role in the supply chain. Since 1981, when its ARC® materials revolutionized lithography processes, Brewer Science has expanded its technology to include products used in advanced lithography, chemical and mechanical device protection, thin layer handling, 3-D integration, and products based on carbon nanotubes and nanotechnology. With its headquarters in Rolla, Missouri, Brewer Science now supports its worldwide customers through a service and distribution network in North America, Europe, and Asia.