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Black Cape announces the promotion of three key leaders
Date: May 18, 2021
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Featured firm in this article: Black Cape Inc of Arlington, VA

The machine learning and data analytics company Black Cape continues to expand its leadership team with the appointment of three key leaders. Kevin Dwyer has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering. Scott Fairgrieve has been promoted to Vice President of User Experience (UX). Ariana Hong has been promoted to Director of Software Engineering.

In his new role as Vice President of Engineering, Kevin Dwyer will lead the design and engineering of Black Cape technologies and data solutions to solve the most challenging problems in the U.S. National Security Sector and BioTechnology market. Scott Fairgrieve, as Vice President of User Experience, will oversee compelling data visualizations and powerful, yet intuitive, applications across the company's product and service offerings. Ariana Hong, as Director of Software Engineering, will propel software in a cross-cutting position as a leader of several programs, and will further professionalize software development with Black Cape Engineering and UI/UX.

"We knew Ariana Hong was capable of amazing things when we first met her and we're excited to see her excel in this new role. She has proven herself to be a humble, talented leader, and one of the very best software developers that our country has to offer," said Al Di Leonardo, co-CEO of Black Cape. Abe Usher, co-CEO, added, "As we cultivate the workforce who are subject matter experts in data, machine learning, and full stack software development, there is nobody better than Scott Fairgrieve and Kevin Dwyer to lead us to develop the best user centric capabilities with deeply enriched data while also leading by example. Our customers and our employees are going to be amazed at what we will accomplish with all three of these leaders driving operations."

More on Black Cape:

Black Cape thrives atop its three pillars of capability: artificial intelligence/machine learning, data engineering, and mission applications. This technological trifecta provides the company a multifaceted foundation for problem solving that can be tailored to unique needs. Black Cape supports a variety of both government-affiliated and commercial clients using a combination of their three pillars. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tag team to form comprehensive, cloud-native models for data classification and regressions. Data Engineering and Analytics are a team-up between data scientists, engineers, and customers to create "actionable intelligence." Finally, Mission Applications offer tailored, web-based, and user-friendly software that is designed to be high impact and secure. Within its suite of mission application products, Black Cape has designed and employed:

Rubicon, a configurable "data layer in a box" that simplifies data collection, feature engineering, and application of machine learning models
STARbase, a database engine designed for advanced spatial-temporal analysis
Knowledge Graph, a tool to automatically collect and connect world events
World Pixel 8, a ML/AI model of the planet that enables cutting-edge multi-domain analysis
Terra Chat, a real time communication tool promoting geographical collaboration