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Arrayworks Recognized as Representative Vendor in Gartner's 2018 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of the Organization
Date: Nov 20, 2018
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Featured firm in this article: Arrayworks Inc of Mansfield, MA

Gartner, Inc., a leading industry analyst firm has included Boston-based low-code application provider, Arrayworks in its July 2018 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO. A DTO, or Digital Twin of an Organization, is defined by Gartner as a "dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers expected customer value."

"Arrayworks is proud to be recognized by Gartner for our Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP) in its 2018 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO," said Gordon Earle, Founder, and CEO of Arrayworks. "The concept of Digital Twin of an Organization is essentially what we've been delivering to our clients for years. Using TAP, our clients can digitally represent every asset creating a 360-degree view of their entire business ecosystem. Our clients have had enormous success in using these real-time insights to make enterprise-wide decisions, streamline processes and ultimately achieve operational excellence."

Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP), version 3.2, enables the proper digital representation of every critical aspect of an organization. The processes, people, documents and "things" all require robust digital representation, a Digital Twin, to gain actionable insights from across the entire value chain. TAP monitors these entities for changes in attribution and for event triggers that require action. TAP then orchestrates the proper responses across the entire digital ecosystem, providing real-time insights and knowledge to understand what's taking place, support better decisions and deliver reliable customer experiences every time.

As the 2018 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO further explains, "Coordinating the interdependencies within and across digital business transformation initiatives is challenging yet key to success. A digital twin of the organization helps EA and technology innovation leaders to prioritize, guide, monitor, analyze and scale complex initiatives." Arrayworks is committed to providing the most advanced and easy to use declarative tools to help organizations achieve a true competitive advantage by seeing, knowing and responding faster and more accurately than their competition.