Alelo Inc. Awarded Contracts to Develop New Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainers

Awardee Story Alelo Inc. Awarded Contracts to Develop New Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainers
Date: Oct 04, 2012
Author: press release
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Alelo Inc., a leading creator of language and culture training solutions, has been awarded contracts to develop four new Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainers (VCATs) focused on the regions of Central America, the Caribbean, China and Southeast Asia. Designed to provide fundamental training in the respective customs and values of the four regions, the courses will include operational language instruction for Spanish and Chinese. The new VCATs are being developed for the Joint Staff J7’s Joint & Coalition Warfighting training portal, known as Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), and are expected to be available in the fall of 2013. They will join the growing catalog of Alelo courses available for critical regions of the world, including Northern Africa, Horn of Africa, South America, and Afghanistan.

“Alelo is thrilled to have been chosen to develop another set of VCATs for JKO,” said Dr. Lewis Johnson, Alelo’s co-founder, CEO and chief scientist. “We look forward to supporting JKO’s ongoing commitment to providing world-class training products.”

Widely used by U.S. service members, Alelo’s task-based social simulations have been recognized as a highly effective means for increasing users’ linguistic and cultural competency. This success has fueled the company’s expansion into international markets, with direct government sales to Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as sales to non-government organizations in the product development arena.

Named after the Hawaiian word for “language,” Alelo Inc. is dedicated to the development of advanced learning products that promote cross-cultural communication skills. Alelo is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with an office in Suffolk, VA.