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Air-Liquid Nitrogen
Date: Aug 31, 2006
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Featured firm in this article: MMR Technologies Inc of Mountain View, CA

2006 R&D 100 Winner

Virtually all dermatologists use liquid nitrogen for the treatment of skin diseases. As such, there is a need for liquid nitrogen on demand in dermatologists’ offices. To meet this, William Little, William Hering, and Sam Spektor, all of MMR Technologies Inc., Mountain View, Calif., have created the ELAN2, an office-based liquid nitrogen generator capable of extracting nitrogen from the air and converting it to liquid nitrogen. The system works by first compressing and drying ambient air. Carbon dioxide and other impurities are subsequently removed, and then most of the oxygen is filtered out. This process leaves 98% pure gaseous nitrogen. The gaseous nitrogen is then pre-cooled and liquefied at -196°C. Up to 6 L of liquid nitrogen can be produced in 24 hours using this system.

Office-based liquid nitrogen generator particle