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Affymetrix Acquires Assets of Eureka Genomics Corporation to Provide High Throughput and Economical Crop and Animal Genotyping
Date: May 14, 2015
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Featured firm in this article: Eureka Genomics Corporation of Hercules, CA

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 2015-- Affymetrix, Inc., (NASDAQ:AFFX) announced today that it has acquired substantially all the assets of Hercules, CA-based Eureka Genomics® Corporation for $15 million in an all cash transaction. Eureka Genomics is a developer of cost-effective, low- to mid-plex, high throughput genotyping assays that use common next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms for signal readout. These assays enable the detection of hundreds to thousands of genetic markers which are increasingly in demand for routine crop and animal agrigenomics testing.
Affymetrix will immediately launch the Eureka Genomics’ technologies as Eureka Genotyping Solution and Services for use in a wide range of routine animal and plant testing applications through an early access program.
“Our array-based Axiom genotyping platform has achieved great commercial success in agrigenomics markets. An emerging segment of our customers have been asking for a cost-effective solution with focused genetic variant panels for very high volume routine testing in animal and plant applications such as parentage, traceability or trait management,” said Frank Witney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Affymetrix. “This acquisition will extend the continuum of our product offerings enabling us to support more applications for our current customers and to serve new customers.”
Eureka Genomics has been collaborating with and providing NGS, genomics, genotyping, and bioinformatics services to government agencies, universities, research centers, and agrigenomic companies since 2008. “We are very pleased that Eureka Genomics products and service technologies will become part of the Affymetrix portfolio,” stated Didier Perez, Chief Operating Officer of Eureka Genomics. “By leveraging Affymetrix infrastructure and commercial reach, the advanced technologies Eureka Genomics developed will now be accessed by more customers on a global scale.”
Concurrent with the acquisition, Affymetrix entered into a new multi-year partnership agreement to provide the Eureka Genomics technologies to the animal genetics business of Zoetis Inc.
Affymetrix will grant Zoetis certain preferred rights to incorporate the Eureka Genomics technologies in its cattle and sheep genomic products. “We are delighted about the opportunity to work closely with a market leader in animal health, helping Zoetis bring this leading genotyping technology to their customers globally,” said Laurent Bellon, Ph.D., SVP and General Manager, Genetic Analysis Business Unit -- Genotyping, at Affymetrix. “Our newly acquired Eureka Genomics technologies are uniquely suited to high-volume marker-assisted management applications.”
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