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Aestus Therapeutics reports positive results in Phase II neuropathic pain trial for treatment of post herpetic neuralg
Date: Dec 13, 2011
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Featured firm in this article: Aestus Therapeutics Inc of East Windsor, NJ

ast Windsor, NJ
, 2011
Aestus Therapeutics, Inc. (Aestus) today reported positive
results from a Phase II clinical stu
dy evaluating the efficacy of its novel neuropathic pain therapeutic,
001, in the treatment of post
herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Results in patients on ATx08
monotherapy met the study’s primary objectives of demonstrating significant analgesia in P
neuropathic pain sufferers while showing an excellent safety profile.
The randomized, double
blind, placebo
controlled, multi
center study of two doses of ATx08
001 over
eight days of treatment, was designed to test the ability of ATx08
001 to relieve P
HN, the persistent pain
which often occurs after an outbreak of shingles. In the study
patients receiving only ATx08
showed a statistically significant reduction in the Mean Pain Intensity
Score (MPIS) after one week of
treatment, at both doses of AT
001 tested (2.5 and 7.5 mg
). This analgesic effect compares very
favorably with published results for
the standard of care medication.
“Aestus is pleased with the results showing analgesic effect of ATx08
001,” stated Tage Honore, PhD,
DSc, Pres
ident and CEO of Aestus. “This is truly a remarkable result with ATx08
001, as the current
standard of care medication would need five times as many patients to achieve a comparable result in a
clinical trial. In addition, it provides very strong proof fo
r our core technology, the Aestus engine, which
produced potential therapeutics with proof
efficacy in patients for one
tenth of the cost in one
of the time as compared to the classical pharma R&D process.”
The trial had no patients drop out of t
he study due to adverse events, or due to the need for rescue
medications. This supports the strong safety profile of ATx08
001, which has been the subject of clinical
trials in over 800 patients to date.
The clinical study, funded by a Small Business Inn
ovative Research grant to Aestus by the National
Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, provides the proof
efficacy for ATx08
001 necessary to justify its further development.
About Aestus Therapeutics, Inc.
estus Therapeutics Inc. is a translational medicine company focused on serious neurological diseases.
Capitalizing on genomic data analysis to discover novel links between these diseases and well
biological pathways, Aestus identifies drug candidat
es already in clinical Phase I or later. By developing
these drugs in novel disease areas such as chronic pain, ALS and schizophrenia, Aestus greatly reduces
the time, cost and risk needed to deliver better and safer medicines for the benefit of patients a

About ATx08
001 is an orally available, selective PPAR
modulator with an unprecedented safety and
toxicology profile. ATx08
001 is being developed by Aestus as a first
class treatment for neuropathic
pain, particularly for the pain associated with PHN. ATx08
001 is chemically and functionally distinct
rom other PPAR
agonists, such as the TZD PPAR
agonists, displaying a distinct target gene activation
profile and greater selectivity for PPAR
than such molecules as rosiglitazone and pioglitazone.
Originally developed for the treatment of type 2 diabet
es mellitus, ATx08
001 has been examined in
Phase I and Phase II studies comprising over 800 patients, and has presented an exceptional safety
profile, particularly at the lower doses used to provide therapeutic benefit for neuropathic pain.
About NINDS p
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