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ACatechol donates "One for All" hand sanitizer to international relief
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Featured firm in this article: ACatechol Inc of Pasadena, CA

ACatechol has developed a brand of hand sanitizer "One for All" that fights microbes and infection better than alcohol. The company is donating one bottle for every 10 purchased to international relief to help battle infection around the world.

To prevent community transmission of infectious diseases, the CDC recommends a cleaning protocol to sanitize surfaces; clean surfaces using soap and water, or sanitize surfaces using >70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium, hydrogen peroxide, or bleach solutions. However, these conventional methods are only effective on the surfaces during the cleaning process or until touched again as the active ingredients are evaporated or easily removed.

Germs including SARS-CoV-2 can survive on surfaces for hours and days, thus ACatechol has developed new sanitizing materials that can form a long-lasting antiviral/antimicrobial coating layer, retaining efficacy for long periods on the surfaces between cleanings or hand washes, while surviving multiple contacts.

This new sanitizer is urgently required to the communities that do not have convenient excess to water for frequent hand washing and surface cleaning. For these communities, alcohol sanitizers or soaps are not the solutions at all as they are only effective momentarily. ACatechol is donating 1 in every 10 purchases to those communities.