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AbM Engineering Innovation to Revolutionize Renewable Energy Industry

Awardee Story AbM Engineering Innovation to Revolutionize Renewable Energy Industry
Date: Sep 17, 2013
Author: press release
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Wind Turbines Last 5 Times Longer With Daytona Beach Company’s Invention
PRLog - Sep 17, 2013 - DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- AbM Engineering has announced the availability of a new, long-life device for wind turbines which can dramatically reduce maintenance costs by 5- to 7-fold.

Named the “AbM Drive,” this innovation replaces old, traditional gearboxes that are known to wear out within 2 years. Designed to last 10-12 years, the AbM Drive operates with high efficiency, has no gears, does not suffer from harmonic vibrations and is far quieter.

As a result, this innovation is positioned to revolutionize the renewable energy industry by providing a much more cost effective solution to the technology currently employed.

“The AbM Drive is unique in that it actually uses no gears, but rather a number of rotating plates which will not wear out in the same timeframe during which wind turbine gearboxes typically deteriorate,” said Dr. Magdy Attia, president of AbM Engineering. “Imagine the benefits of not having to continually spend $200,000 on each turbine every 2-3 years. The cost savings are enormous, meaning the price tag associated with wind energy electricity generation will go down significantly as more power producers upgrade to this new technology.”

Attia, an aerospace engineering professor at Embry-Riddle University, teamed up with Embry-Riddle graduate Marko Ivankovic to independently develop an application solution for the aerospace industry. With ongoing softness in new investment in that industry, the duo refocused the project with the help of the UCF Business Incubator Program toward wind generation, which is now the leading source of new electricity-generating capacity in the United States. According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind provides 42 percent of all new generating capacity, positioning it as a huge market for AbM Engineering’s Drive.

“An innovation such as this is just one of the ways to engage AbM Engineering,” according to Attia. “We can partner with companies and industries to examine ways to improve efficiency and then design implementable solutions. In this case, not only were we able to deliver a very cost efficient solution, but we are also further enabling the nation’s drive to renewable, or ‘green’ energy.”

The company is looking for partners to accelerate the retrofit of existing wind turbines with the new product.

About AbM Engineering

AbM Engineering, LLC (AbM) is the winner of the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year award from the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program. AbM has delivered practical research and product development solutions to small manufacturers and U.S. Department of Defense contractors for over 10 years.

AbM specializes in providing subject matter expertise, research, design, development, and laboratory testing services with fabrication and machining capability through our exclusive network of partners. AbM’s mission is to ensure high quality service utilizing our company’s multi-disciplinary expertise in design capabilities, which draws together associated engineering disciplines including fluid and thermo dynamics, mechanical design, lean engineering, and project management.

AbM Engineering’s value-added services include:

Identifying and reviewing technology concepts
Preliminary design and development for ground level ideas
Analyzing designs for risk, cost, and reliability
Feasibility analysis for novel products
Reverse Engineering
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
3D Printing

Delivering fractional engineering services as needed has enabled AbM’s clients in both private industry and defense operations to achieve their business goals with cost-effective solutions to complex problems, earning the company prestigious status as a true engineering solution provider.

For more information, contact Dr. Magdy Attia, President and Chief of Engineering, at 386-492-1300 or via email at attia@abmengr.com.

Media Contact:

Ken Countess
The Countess Group

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