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30 CT tech firms leveraging $4M for more aid
Date: Aug 05, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Applied Mathematics Inc of Gales Ferry, CT

Thirty Connecticut firms are getting $4 million in federal and private funding to enable them to qualifty for federal technology-research grants, authorities say.

Connecticut Innovations Inc. said Monday thefunding is through its 17-month-old Connecticut SBIR Acceleration and Commercialization Program.

According to officials, there are two funding initiatives under the Connecticut SBIR Acceleration and Commercialization Program: the SBIR Phase I Matching Grant initiative and the Commercialization Loans initiative.

The SBIR Phase I Matching Grant initiative is designed to help recent federal SBIR Phase I winners from Connecticut advance their Phase I feasibility studies and enhance their chances of winning a coveted Phase II research award of $1 million, they said.

It encourages collaborations, especially with Connecticut universities. The CI grants, of up to $40,000 apiece, may be spent on generating additional data, protecting intellectual property, conducting market research, licensing and more. Qualifying companies may apply for up to two grants annually.

Recipients are:

1. Abbott Ball Company Inc.

(West Hartford)

2. Advanced Fuel Research Inc.

(East Hartford)

3. Applied Behavioral Research LLC

(New Haven)

4. Applied Mathematics Inc.

(Gales Ferry)

5. Artificial Cell Technologies Inc.

(New Haven)

6. Biodel Inc.


7. Biomedsyn Corporation




9. Cell and Molecular Tissue Engineering LLC


10. Connecticut Analytical Corporation


11. Interface Technologies LLC


12. LifePharms Inc.

(New London)

13. Materials Technologies Corporation


14. MetroCrops LLC


15. Myometrics LLC

(New London)

16. MZ Diagnostics Inc.

(New Haven)

17. Nalas Engineering Services Inc.


18. Omega-P Inc.

(New Haven)

19. Precision Combustion Inc.

(North Haven)

20. Proton OnSite


21. PsquaredT LLC


22. Qualtech Systems Inc.


23. Queralt Inc.

(North Haven)

24. Real-Time Analyzers Inc.


25. Recombinant Technologies LLC


26. Remote Reality Corporation


27. RSL Fiber Systems LLC

(East Hartford)

28. SibTech Inc.


29. Sustainability A to Z LLC


30. Sustainable Innovations LLC