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21CT Partners with Raytheon in Support of National Geospatial Agency Mentor-Protégé Relationship to Help 21CT Further Develop Technical Expertise & Business Procedure
Date: Mar 05, 2012
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Austin, TX--March 5, 2012 - 21CT, a pioneer in advanced intelligence analytics solutions to combat terrorist threats and cyber attacks, announced it is partnering with Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems as part of the National Geospatial Agency's Mentor-Protégé Program.

Raytheon will act as a mentor to 21CT, providing structured training to further develop its expertise in key research areas, including information assurance, signal intelligence, cyber security, and risk analysis. Attention will also be given to critical business processes, such as program and project management, contracts management, accounting, and marketing practices among many others.
The partnership developed from experience on previous projects on which 21CT and Raytheon worked closely together in support of Air Force network infrastructure development.

"21CT is excited to work with Raytheon to help enhance both companies' offerings and create mutually beneficial opportunities," CEO Irene Williams said. "Our combined experience in support of NGA and across the Department of Defense will greatly benefit the warfighter mission. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the NGA Mentor-Protégé program."

aytheon Intelligence and Information Systems (IIS) is a pivotal player in the intelligence, military and federal communities. IIS is in the process of modernizing the U.S. Air Force's distributed Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. The goal is to maximize operational effectiveness by creating a worldwide, network-centric enterprise that facilitates the distribution of the right information, at the right time--and securely.

Raytheon provides cybersecurity products and end-to-end system solutions to government and critical infrastructure customers worldwide. Through ISS, Raytheon protects mission-critical systems against a wide range of internal and external threats. ISS is an industry leader in Computer Network Operations; cross security domain information sharing; insider threat prevention; and protection from the enterprise to the edge, including wireless devices.

NGA is the nation's premier source of geospatial intelligence. As a Department of Defense combat support agency and a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, NGA provides imagery, geospatial and targeting analysis, along with image sciences and modeling for U.S. national defense, disaster relief and safety of navigation. NGA seeks to know the Earth, show the way and understand the world. For more information, visit