For SBIR firms

SBIR has been - and continues to be - an important, tech-funding resource: but changed/ing times suggest value (need) to think differently about program usage.

Functioning in radically different business and economic conditions, currently SBIR-active must now content with 
  • fewer SBIR awards being made
  • agencies and reviewers becoming more risk averse and
  • SBIR rules of engagement far more demanding
Third-party interest will continue for agencies to be useful indicator of potential value of SBIR project under review: these days far earlier in the application process. 
   How better to meet that agency requirement than by also pro-actively using SBIR involvement and capability validation
  • to initiate contact relationship(s) with interested industry players
  • to respond to their areas of partnering interest garnering external resources and dollars?
In-system cataloging of your areas of expertise: self- managed Detailed Business Profile, Competency Listings & available technologies
  • On-site searchable by interested Tech Seekers
  • Pro-active, facilitated access by ASSETs Corporate Clients with specific partnering requirements