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Your OPPORTUNITY to upload into this extensively used SBIR-STTR Tracking system

  • Published articles about YOUR SBIR-involved firm
  • Press releases for pick-up by other sources
  • Professional papers; White papers; relevant Business materials

It is a rare issue of the major Business Press - WSJ; New York Times; Washington Post - and regional equivalents; magazines of similar importance - The Economist, Fortune, Forbes etc - and now a wealth of electronic communications and daily news feeds that does not include reference to, or articles about, one/more SBIR-STTR Awardees. With the focus usually on what the firm is about - their technical achievement or business emphasis - it is an unusual coverage that even mentions their SBIR involvement. An integral part of the extensive range of data we continuously assembled in our system on all SBIR-STTR involved firms includes this type of press coverage.  Much that we gather includes firms no longer SBIR involved or still in business, nor now eligible. ...more

...SBIR is Big Business!

Did you know that...
  • SBIR Awardees - now totaling more than 21,800 firms of which some 6.100 are currently Program involved - arguably are the largest single concentration of technical talent employing some 400,000 advanced degree-ed engineers & scientists.
  • Firms which are/have been SBIR-STTR involved have issued almost 120,000 US patents - the overwhelming percentage being current, with many having requisite international holdings. Solid citation rate. Daily, some 10-12 USPTO issued patents involve an SBIR-STTR awardee.
  • Through the years, 25% R&D 100 Awards have been taken by SBIR Awardees - several being multiple winners. Comparable percentages in other technology recognition settings.
  • A total of ELEVEN Nobel Prize recipients have an SBIR connection - most being identified as Principal Investigator on an SBIR funded project.  The most recent of these is a small firm founded by the 2014 winner of the Nobel in Physics.  Founded in 2007, that firm took the first of its SIX phase I awards in 2008 of which (to date) THREE have gone to Phase II. The most recent of their awards was in 2104.
  • In recent years, ONE in every SEVEN-EIGHT VC dollars invested in the US have involved SBIR-STTR awardees. 2613 firms to date (11.97% of all awardees) .  To date, received investment dollars total some $74B - factoring to almost twice the total federal SBIR-STTR dollars so far awarded: $340.18B
  • 1837 SBIR-STTR M&A transactions - now at almost 8.5 percent of all awardees - a percentage that, having remained consistent for many years, is now climbing. This has involved 1299 buyers - 351 (27%) themselves having been SBIR awardees - several having outgrown size standards and no longer program involved directly, some having, in part, employed an acquisition strategy to support growth; a few others still program active. The major percentage of acquirers are major corporations - many having multiple SBIR acquisitions. Median value: $42M; Average price: $365M
  • Our data - which may well not be complete - shows 2484 major and mid-sized corporations having in-place or previous working relationships and/or business transactions and relationships with SBIR-involved firms.  Taking a range of forms, most of these Tech Seekers have these type(s) of connection to many different SBIR awardees, and/or multiple connection to particular awardees - still ongoing.
 ....ASSET system outcomes already have enabled hundreds of serious on-their-site discussions between interested Tech Seekers and a wide range of particular SBIR-involved firms. Dozens of working relationships have been consummated and transactions worth in excess of $270M are on record with many more pending.

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