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Washburn Therapeutics Inc

Profile last edited on: 7/17/2014
6743 Wilkins Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
  (412) 908-1309
Business Identifier: development of biologically active gels controlling inflammation by selectively neutralizing pro-inflammatory cytokines based on a technology being licensed exclusively by the company. Preliminary results of these gels have demonstrated that conjugates of antibodies against tumor necrosis factor-alpha and hyaluronic acid were able to reduce secondary necrosis in a partial-thickness rat burn model by 70% This technology could mean the possible prevention of burn progression through local control of inflammatory responses and overall improvement of healing outcomes.
Public Profile:
Washburn Therapeutics, Inc. is developing a new class of polymer therapeutics to treat a broad range of inflammatory conditions. Polymer therapeutics is an emerging class of drug that conjugates a known therapeutic agent to a polymer in order to provide targeted delivery. The technology was developed from Carnegie Mellon University and has been licensed exclusively by the firm.

Polymer therapeutics work by using a polymer conjugation in order to localize the effects of antibody inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor- a protein known as the central mediator of inflammation. These antibodies form the basis for a $13 Billion Dollar sector of the biotechnology industry and significant safety concerns have been raised because of their powerful immunosuppressive effects. By localizing the delivery of TNF-ainhibitors, it may be possible to treat psoriasis, burns, chronic wounds, and other conditions characterized by intense, local inflammation without many of the side-effects observed through standard administering of the unconjugated drug.

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