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Vajra Instruments Inc
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Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer
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2649 Wilderness Ridge Circle
Lincoln, NE 68512
   (402) 770-2736
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   01
County:   Lancaster

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Vajra Instruments Inc is focused on an inexpensive screening tool for pancreatic cancer. Recent research indicates that less than hundred microRNA (miRNA) sequences specifically generated by tumors are sufficient for early detection of PaC and other cancers for effective intervention with excellent prognosis MiRNA can be extracted from urine and blood using standard kits. The key challenge is to detect specific biomarkers in the thousand fold large background of miRNA sequences that body normally produces. While quantitative reverse transcribe polymerase chain reaction qRT PCR is an effective tool for miRNA profiling it is prohibitively expensive for screening. The firm is working to directly measure the tumor specific miRNA extracted from about ml of serum or plasma using a disruptive technology called SEED. Measurement by SEED is virtually blind to non specific binding with consistency. The binding time of targeted miRNA to the probe will reduce from hours for conventional microarray methods to below one hour.

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