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Tandem PV Inc (AKA: Iris PV~Iris Photovoltaics~Tandem Photovoltaics )
Profile last edited on: 9/14/2022      CAGE: 7P6F5      UEI: FRQ4N85D21N3

Business Identifier: Next-generation semiconductors: improving solar panel efficiency
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Location Information

2922 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054
   (214) 289-4070
Location: Single
Congr. District: 17
County: Santa Clara

Public Profile

Tandem PV (originally dba Iris PV) was formed around development of tandem photovoltaic cells comprised of a metal-halide perovskite solar cell over a silicon-based cell. The firm has developed an advanced processing tool that integrates high-through-put solution deposition and precise drying to deposit large-area perovskite thin films of exceptional optical and electronic quality. Production of these films on large areas is a critical step towards perovskite-Si tandem PV cells that can achieve significantly higher efficiency than traditional Si PV cells. Small-scale perovskite PV device fabrication typically occurs using a spin-coating process, but the process is not easily scalable. The ability to deposit perovskite PV devices with a large-scale production technique while achieving the same quality and stability achieved by record-setting spin-coated laboratory cells would be a significant step forward. If the project is successful, it c/wouldremove a major obstacle to the successful commercialization of perovskite PVs.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2018 1 NSF $224,902
Project Title: Perovskite photovoltaics for indoor power supply applications

Key People / Management

  Colin Bailie -- Founder and CEO

  Chris Eberspacher -- Managing Director

  Timothy Gehan -- Senior Research Chemist

  Matt Kuchta -- Principal R&D Chemist

  Jack Love -- Materials Scientist

  Dave Pechin -- Principal Engineer

  Bryan Rosales -- R&D Scientist

  Alex Sharenko -- Materials Scientist