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Scientific Systems Company Inc (AKA: SSCI~Scientific Systems Inc)
Profile last edited on: 3/21/2023      CAGE: 0KT97      UEI: C12TQVKF5413

Business Identifier: Intelligence for unmanned ground, air and maritime vehicles to autonomously navigate harsh environments
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500 West Cummings Park Suite 3000
Woburn, MA 01801
   (781) 933-5355
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Middlesex

Public Profile

Long time and extensively SBIR involved, Scientific Systems Company Inc. (SSCI) provides decision support, information exploitation, and collaborative autonomous systems with the aim of providing intelligence for unmanned ground, air and maritime vehicles to accomplish missions in difficult environments. With technologies developed by the company currently being used in the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program as well as other U.S. Department of Defense systems, SSCI is focusing on portable software solutions and the integration of their technologies into commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms. The firm is working to develop new functionalities for sensors and bring them to market. SSCI uses advanced signal processing and estimation tools to produce better quality data with existing sensor hardware. The firm’s advanced sensor processing technologies are the result of radar super-resolution and signal processing software for image formation, change detection and video segmentation/processing. SSCI also provides sensor exploitation solutions such as: ImageNav, an image-based navigation and precision targeting system for use on manned/unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles. Imagenav uses existing sensors to compare the air vehicle’s flight path to a known terrain database. The system has demonstrated target geo-location and navigation precision of <3 meters CEP in high-fidelity tests on real flight data gathered by Boeing. Imagenav is currently being transitioned to several cruise missile and UAV platforms. Other technologies include a handheld Mine/Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Detection and Recognition software system that enables an order-of-magnitude improvement in the detection of buried metallic and non- metallic landmines. This software was fielded by CyTerra (now L3) to be used on their hand-held mine detectors, which were used in Iraq and Afghanistan; and a Visual Threat/Obstacle Awareness (vISTa) system that enables UAVs to operate in the national airspace by providing these platforms with the ability to detect, see, and avoid obstacles and conflicting aircraft. vISTa is a passive technology solution that has been successfully tested on an unmanned helicopter for DARPA. SSCI is one of the top 20 recipients of SBIR awards.

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Key People / Management

  Socrates Deligeorges -- Principal Research Engineer II

  Raman K Mehra -- President; Chief Executive Officer

  Adel Al-Fallah

  Jayesh Amin

  Pablo O Arambel

  John Baillieul

  Victor Bajenaru

  Andrew Bennett -- Senior Director, Research & Development

  Jovan D Boskovic

  Owen Brown -- Vice President Solutions Development

  Neil Andrew Browning

  Doug Brummell

  Jeffrey Byrne

  Joao B D Cabrera

  James V Carroll

  Kai Chan

  Lingji Chen

  Mitchell Colby

  Ross Creed

  Socrates Deligeorges -- Technical Director And Group Leader, Active Perception

  Reece Delong

  Donald Eickstedt -- Lead Research Engineer

  Adel El-Fallah

  Anthony Falcone

  Griffin Francis

  Brian Free

  Carl Frost

  Tom Frost -- Senior Vice President, Products

  Avinash Gandhe

  Denis Garagic

  Greg Gibson -- Director, Unmanned Systems & Mission Planning

  Judith M Giles

  M Gopinat

  Donald E Gustafson

  Carlos Gutierrez

  M Hiraoglu

  Kai-Yuh Hsiao -- Technical Director and Group Leader, Autonomy Technologies

  Todd Hughes -- Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

  Tudor Ionescu

  Joseph Jackson

  Uday Jain

  Neil Johnson

  Adam Kaplan

  Patricia Kelly -- Vice President, Human Resources / Security / Administration

  Alex L Kosmala

  Rajesh Krishnan

  Wallace E Larimore

  Jasmin Leveille

  Eliot Li

  M Li

  Sai-Ming Li

  Richard Madison

  Shahjahan Mahmood -- Senior Research Engineer

  Michael McComas

  Pat McLaughlin -- Vice President, Innovation

  Kunal G Mehra -- Vice President, Strategy & Market Development

  Jeffrey Morrison

  Ranga Narayanaswami

  Clark M Neily

  Les Novak

  Michael Park

  Michael Perloff

  Ravi K Prasanth

  Constantino Rago

  Jaime Ramirez

  B Ravichandran

  Ravi Ravichandran

  Hamid C Razavi

  Caleb Royer

  Irvin C Schick

  Mads Schmidt

  Christopher Sconyers -- Lead Research Engineer I

  Sanjeev Seereeram -- Vice President, Systems Engineering

  Robert L Simpson

  Robert E Smith

  Jonathon Ubnoske

  R Venugopal

  Robert Weisenseel

  Eric L Wemhoff -- Sr Research Engineer

  Richard Wise

  Richard Wood

  Lucas Xu-Hill

  Ssu-Hsin Yu -- Vice President, Research & Development

  Aleksandar Zatezalo