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Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc (AKA:RMD Inc)
Profile last edited on: 9/5/2019

Radiation imaging and detection, nuclear instrumentation & non-destructive test equipment
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Location Information

44 Hunt Street Suite 2
Watertown, MA 02472
   (617) 668-6801
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   05
County:   Middlesex

Public Profile

Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc, the research business arm of Dynasil Corporation of America, provides innovative solutions for a broad range of security, medical and industrial applications, including radiation imaging and detection, nuclear instrumentation and non-destructive test equipment. RMD is recognized for its cutting-edge research and development in the specialized fields of radiation detector materials, nuclear instrumentation, and custom detector applications, spanning the fields of science, medicine and industry. The core technology on which the company was founded is the CdTe detector, which still remains a significant part of the firm's commercial operation. In its current research activities, RMD maintains multiple programs focused on semiconductor detector materials, scintillator screens, Si Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs), Solid State Photomultipliers and nuclear instrumentation.

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Key People / Management

  Kanai S Shah -- President

  Mary Abud --

  Gary Baldoni --

  Harish B Bandari --

  Paul R Bennett --

  Harish Bhandari -- Senior Scientist

  Pijush Bhattacharya --

  Charles Brecher --

  James F Christian --

  Alexei Churilov --

  Leonard J Cirignano --

  Richard O Claus -- Director of Advanced Development

  Purushottam Dokhale --

  Gerald Entine -- Former President

  Richard Farrell --

  John Chetley Ford --

  Edwin E Frederick --

  Vladimir Gelfandbein --

  Joanne Gladstone -- Vice President of Operations

  Joanne Gladstone -- VP Operations

  Jaroslaw Glodo -- Senior Scientist

  Andrey Gueorguiev -- Chief Scientist

  Tapan Gupta --

  Rajan Gurjar --

  Daniel B Hall --

  Katherine Hansen --

  William Higgens --

  William E Higgins --

  William M Higgins --

  Erik B Johnson --

  Alireza Kargar --

  Arieh Karger --

  Debra A Kulik --

  William G Lawrence --

  James C Lund --

  Matthew S J Marshall -- Senior Scientist

  Zsolt Marton --

  Daniel Mcadams --

  Mickel Mcclish --

  William J McGann --

  Patricia Mclaughlin -- VP Finance

  Frederick L Milder --

  Stuart R Miller --

  Mittal Moore --

  Mitali More --

  Mitali More --

  Richard A Myers --

  Vivek V Nagarkar -- Vice President, Imaging Sciences

  Senerath Palamakumbura --

  Jacob H Paster -- Vice President of Marketing

  T K Rao --

  Noa M Rensing --

  Kent Riley --

  Madhavi Seetamraju --

  Irina Shestakova --

  Urmila Shirwadkar --

  Bipin Singh -- Senior Scientist

  Lakshmi Soundara Pandian --

  Lakshmi Soundara-Pandian --

  Michael R Squillante -- Vice President of Research & Development

  Christopher Stapels --

  Louis H Strong --

  Timothy C Tiernan -- Director of Advanced Instrumentation

  Sameer V Tipnis --

  Joshua Tower --

  Edgar V Van Loef -- Team Leader/Sr. Scientist

  Gyula Varadi -- Biosensor Technology Research Group Leader

  Guillermo Velasco --

  Yimin Wang --

  Yimin Wang --

  Martin Waters -- VP Program Management

  Evan Westrate --

  Evan Weststrate --

  David E Wolf -- Director of Optics and Photonics

  Mitchell Woodring --

  Chuxin C Zhou --