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QState Biosciences (AKA:Q-State~Q-State Biosciences~QuellTX)
Profile last edited on: 5/20/2020

Transformative treatments for patients with devastating genetic disorders.
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Location Information

179 Sidney Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
   (617) 945-5433
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   07
County:   Middlesex

Public Profile

With PI and recipent firm for received SBIR Award called QuellTX, Q-State Biosciences is the renamed(?) small firm at that location. The firm is quite substantial in size functioning as a precision medicine company organized around care of patients having devastating genetic disorders. Q-State applies a proprietary end-to-end platform to diagnose the root cause of disease and to discover genetically targeted therapies. The frim has developed an all-optical electrophysiology platform for controlling and recording activity in electrically active cells: primary and human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and neurons. Combining proprietary ultrasensitive optogenetic actuators, genetically encoded voltage indicators, stem cell technology and advanced optical imaging, Q-State Biosciences uses custom instrumentation and software to probe cellular physiology with sub-micron spatial resolution and sub-millisecond temporal resolution. The firm probes dynamic cellular physiology with far higher throughput and information content than are achieved with manual patch clamp, multi electrode arrays, or calcium- or voltage-sensitive dyes. Cpincient withthe firm's Series A financing in 2018, QState merged with PAirnomix and the former head of thelatter tookk onthe CEO position with QState.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount Project Title
2020 2 NIH $1,123,505
A Phenotypic Screen for Osteoarthritic Pain Therapeutics Using All-Optical Electrophysiology

Key People / Management

  Matthew Fox -- Chief Executive Officer

  Mette Smedegaard Andersen -- Head of Strategy and Partnerships

  Adam Cohen -- Founder

  Kevin Coveney -- Chief Financial Officer

  Graham Dempsey -- Head of Research and Development

  Amy Elder -- Head of Chemistry

  David Gerber -- Head of Scientific Affairs

  Denise Johnson -- Head of Human Resources

  Michael Lacascia -- General Councel

  Pin Liu --

  Owen Mcmanus -- Chief Technology Officer

  Wendell Taylor -- Head of Business Development

  Kit Werley -- Head Of Engineering Researchkit Werley Head Of Engineering Research

  Eric White -- Head of Genomic Assay Development

  Erika Whyte -- Director of Lab Operations

  Luis Williams -- Head of Cell Biology