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Physical Sciences Inc (AKA: PSI Technology~PLCC2 LLC)
Profile last edited on: 10/10/2023      CAGE: 8K901      UEI: RMG1AZ1ZH8Q7

Business Identifier: Instrumentation development for chemical, optical and space sciences; Expertise in aeromechanics, electrochemistry, optical, material science, combustion, environmental, laser and medical technologies
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20 New England Business Center
Andover, MA 01810
   (978) 689-0003
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Essex

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Extensively involved in SBIR-STTR from the very earliest days of program's creation and having been established even before the program was launched , Physical Sciences is among the relatively small handful of Awardees having undertaken hundreds of projects across all the particpating federal entitiies and in receipt of one of the largest dollar accumulation of program dollars and follow-on contract funding, Physical Sciences Inc. operates as a research and development company providing contract research and development services to government and commercial customers in a wide variety of areas. The firm has on-staff expertise across a wide range of fields and disciplines offering advanced technologies and project development activity in a range of areas from aerospace, chemical, defense, energy, environmental, manufacturing and medical applications.

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Key People / Management

  B David Green -- Chief Executive Officer

  William J Marinelli -- CEO, COO, President

  Joshua Abney

  William B G Agassounon

  Mark G Allen -- Executive Vice President, Applied Sciences

  Everett B Anderson

  Ziv Arzt

  Donald Aubrecht

  Nicholas Aubut

  Douglas J Bamford

  Richard E Barnard

  Michael Behrens

  Matthew Belley

  Scott Bender

  Bryan V Bergeron

  Chad E Bigelow

  Jeffrey L Boehme

  Joshua Bonatt

  Arthur A Boni

  Matthew Boucher

  Justin Brown

  Brian E Brumfield -- Principal Scientist

  Charles T Butler

  Marten Byl

  Bien Caitlin

  George E Caledonia -- former President

  Karen Carleton

  Caitlin Carnahan -- Principal Scientist

  Bernard D F Casse

  Paul Cataldi

  Sterling Chaffins

  Rusha Chatterjee -- Principal Scientist

  Shin-Juh Chen

  Anton Chestukhin

  Kophu Chiang

  Samuel H Chung

  David J Cook

  Bogdan R Cosofret

  Michael A Costolo

  Nicholas R Craig

  Dennis R Creehan

  Steven J Davis -- Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, R&D Applied Sciences

  Brian K Decker

  Victor Dicristina

  John Dixon

  Allan Dokhan -- Area Manager, Munitions and Missile

  Kyle Dorsey

  Adam Duff

  Julia Rentz Dupuis

  Jennifer England

  Christopher Evans

  Aram Faghfouri

  Christopher Farrell

  Mark E Faser -- Principal Research Scientist

  Ankita Faulkner

  David B Fenner

  Daniel R Ferguson

  Jim Ferguson

  Anthony A Ferrante

  Michael L Finson -- Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

  Farla Fleming

  John H Flint

  Jonathan H Frank

  Mark E Fraser

  Michael B Frish -- Principal Research Scientist

  Kristin L Galbally-Kinney

  David P Gamliel

  Alan H Gelb

  Steve Genestreti -- Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  Jay P Giblin -- Principal Scientist

  James Glynn -- Vice President, Marine Systems Enterprises

  Charles L Goldey

  Emily Gong

  Joseph Goodwin

  Dodd Gray

  John Grimble

  Rachel Guarriello

  Richard W Guiler

  David O Ham

  Joseph Helble

  Joel M Hensley -- Group leader Optical Devices and Technologies

  Jake Herb

  Oscar D Herrera

  Colin Hessel

  Karl W Holtzclaw

  Quinn Horn

  Alan Hoskinson

  Michael Hulen

  Amy J R Hunter

  Nicusor V Iftimia -- Area Manager, Biomedical Optics Technology

  Vladyslav Ivanov

  Park Jesung -- Principal Scientist

  Stephen A Johnson

  Prakash B Joshi

  Shin G Kang

  Karin Karg

  Fred R Kern

  Ingrid Kerscht

  William J Kessler

  Karen Kihlstrom

  John F Kline

  Nicholas Kochan

  Robert Krech

  Donna Lamb -- Marketing and Communications Coordinator

  Christopher M Lang

  William T Laughlin

  Frederick S Lauten

  Seonkyung Lee

  Hartmut H Legner

  John D Lennhoff

  Edmond Y Lo

  Yang Lu

  Katharine Lunny

  John C Magill

  Gopi N Maguluri

  David R Manegold

  David Mansur

  Peter M Mayer

  Charles H Mazel

  Jack A McKay

  Keith McManus

  Alexander Mednick

  Mark Merritt

  Merlin G Miller

  Ashok Modak

  Alex Moerlein -- Principal Engineer

  Ian Monk

  Juan Montoya

  Karl D Moore

  Peter Moran

  Joseph Morency

  Athanasios Moshos

  Jonathan M Mueller -- Principal Scientist

  Mircea Mujat

  Takashi Nakamura

  Peter E Nebolsine

  Aron Newman

  Brendan Nunan

  David B Oakes

  David Opie

  Dennis P Pacheco

  Thomai Panagiotou

  James Pander

  Krishnan R Parameswaran

  Eric Park

  Jesung Park

  Terence E Parker

  Susan T Pasco

  Ankit Patel

  Anthony Pirri

  Mark J Polking -- Principal Scientist

  Dorin V Preda

  Michael Primrose -- Senior Scientist

  Ana Racoveanu

  Jonathan Rameau -- Principal Scientist

  Terry W Rawlins

  Amy J Ray Bauer

  Michael E Read

  William G Reinecke

  David Resendes

  Christopher J Rollins

  David I Rosen -- Vice President, Applied Optics

  Jay Rushforth

  Justin L Sabourin

  Edward J Salley

  Francesca Scire Scappuzzo

  David R Scherer

  J T Schriempf

  Michelle T Schulberg

  Elizabeth C Schundler

  William G Schwarz

  Brian Schweinhart

  Francesca Scire-Scappuzzo

  Peter R Seem

  Sergey Seem

  Steven Seiler

  Constance L Senior

  Kirill Shokhirev

  Michelle L Silva

  Evan Simmons

  Girard A Simons

  Christian Smith

  Min (Sharon) K Song

  David M Sonnenfroh

  Andrew L Stachyra

  John W Steinbeck

  Amy E Stevens

  Kalvis Terauds

  Alicia Thompson

  Sean M Torrez -- Principal Research Engineer

  Jonathan P Towle

  Anna Tsinberg

  Thomas W Vaneck -- Vice President, Disruptive Technologies

  Jose Vega

  N R K Vilambi

  Jason A Wagner

  Richard T Wainner

  Peter A Warren -- Vice President, Materials Technologies

  Jeffrey L Wegener

  Shawn D Wehe

  Robert F Weiss -- Former Executive Vice President Corporate Development

  Guy Weyl

  Kevin C White

  Zachary Whitermore

  Gerald Wilemski

  Ethan Woodard

  David N Woolf -- Principal Research Scientist

  Andrew O Wright

  John A Wright -- Principal Research Scientist

  Barbara E Wyslouzil

  Mitchell A Zakin

  Youbo Zhao

  Vitaliy Ziskin