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NanoSonic Inc
Profile last edited on: 3/26/2021

Advanced Polymers, Nanomaterials, and Sensors and Systems
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Location Information

158 Wheatland Drive
Pembroke, VA 24136
   (540) 626-6266
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   09
County:   Giles

Public Profile

NanoSonic, Inc. is a nanotechnology company that specializes in the development of advanced materials and devices, focusing in three areas: Advanced Polymers, Nanomaterials, and Sensors and Systems. The firm's staff has developed new molecular self-assembly processes that allow control of synthesized material structures at the nanometer level, as well as the manufacture of new materials with designed constitutive behavior. Using these unique processing methods, NanoSonic has created a library of self-assembled materials. It has synthesized a wide range of inorganic oxide nanoclusters, noble metal nanoclusters, and other molecules. Furthermore, NanoSonic has demonstrated the synthesis of these molecules into thin film materials. Most of the materials have the advantage of synthesizing at room temperature and pressure on a wide variety of substrate materials. The process is also environmentally benign. NanoSonic has exclusively licensed nine patents covering electrostatic self-assembly (ESA) processing and use from Virginia Tech and is establishing its own intellectual property portfolio to enable process, material, and device commercialization. ESA allows the ultra-uniform formation of multiple, nanometer-thick layers of material into functional ultrathin films, and recent improvements allow the formation of much thicker films and bulk materials. Other products include a sensor for monitoring EKG signals, anticorrosion and anti-icing protection, and fire resistant fabrics.

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Key People / Management

  Jennifer H Lalli -- President

  Vincent Baranauskas -- Chief Technical Officer

  Michelle Berg -- ITAR and Trade Compliance Officer

  Adam Bingaman --

  Michael Bortner --

  Carleen Bowers --

  Melissa Campbell -- Chief Financial Officer

  Richard Claus --

  Kristie L Cooper --

  Bradley Davis -- Vice President of Engineering

  Theodore Distler --

  L M Duncan --

  Sabrina Hannah --

  William Harrison -- Laboratory Operations Supervisor

  Andrea Hill --

  Keith Hill --

  Keith Huie --

  H T Hurd --

  Linda Jones --

  Yuhong Kang --

  Kristie Lenahan Cooper --

  Benjamin Lepene --

  Sandberg Lianne --

  Jeffrey B Mecham --

  Lynn Nystrom -- Director of Communication

  C Poquette --

  Hang Ruan --

  Arvind Srivastava --

  S Subrahmanyan --

  Rochael Swavey --

  Arun Thamban --

  Yongqiang Wang --

  Lee Williams --

  Tingying Zeng --