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N-Science Corporation
Profile last edited on: 2/17/2016

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Location Information

5158 Parfet Street
Wheatridge, CO 80033
   (303) 718-9502
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   07
County:   Jefferson

Public Profile

n-Science Corporation was founded by a group of experienced aerospace engineers with the intent to provide innovative and effective products and services to the science and aerospace communities. The heritage of n-Sci and its people reaches back over 40 years and working relationships to a range of key players in the space. A Program Heritage “short list”: Viking, Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP), Thermal Evolved GasAnalyzer (TEGA), Mars Polar Pathfinder(MPP), Advanced X-Ray CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) for the Chandra X-Ray Telescope, Descent Imager Spectral Radiometer (DISR) for the Cassini/Huygens Probe, PTC Experiments on STS-90 & STS-108, Mars Climate Observer, Mars Polar Lander, Stardust, Genesis, Space Based Laser (SBL), Airborne Laser (ABL), Tactical Laser Comm (TLC), Advanced Tactical Laser Comm (ATLC), Fine Pointing Laser Tracker (FPLT), Gamma Ray Spectrometer (GRS) for Mars Observer, Net Flux Radiometer (NFR) for Galileo, Faint Object Spectrograph (FOS), Mars Instrument Development Programs (MIDPs), Planetary Instrument Development Programs (PIDDPs), Flight Telerobotic Servicers (FTS), Launch Fleet Data Transducer (LFDT), Optical Ignition Detection System (IGDET), Targets & Countermeasures, Advanced Low Temp Regenerator (ALTR), Spacelab 2, SIRTF, Mineral Identification & Composition Analyzer (MICA), Martin Black, Deep Sky Black, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF), Boost Surveillance & Tracking System (BSTS), Airborne Optical Adjunct (AOA).

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2 MDA $848,175
Improved Performance, More Producible Long Wave IR Integrated Dewar Assemblies

Key People / Management

  Daniel L Scheld -- President

  Dan Ladner -- Director Of R&D Programs

  Linda Marie --

  Joe Martin -- Director Of Science Programs

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