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Metalmark Innovations Inc
Profile last edited on: 5/6/2022

Creating nanostructured materials to destroy airborne pollutants and toxins: supporting healthy indoor air quality
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763D Concord Avenue
Boston, MA 02134
   (617) 714-4026
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   07
County:   Suffolk

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Using as a reference point, the structural coloration, aerodynamics, strength, lightness, and water repellency of butterfly wings, the principals of Metalmark Innovations are structured around creating high-performance catalytic materials able to purify both indoor and outdoor air: effectively, the development of a novel nanostructured coating that can break down air pollutants, in homes, offices, cars and elsewhere. A platform technology having potentially applications in fuel cells and CO2 conversion, the developed structure employs scalable nanofabrication disgned to create similar structures in various material combinations - having the capacity to convert toxic and odor-causing fumes and particles into benign ones. The claim is also that, so designed, the developed manterials can possess other properties: anti-viral functions and electrical conductivity. Incorporated into air-cleaning systems, the developed materials maintain high performance and long durability. Further, the assrtion is that - everaging the platform technology - materials can be built with use cases in specialty coatings, emission control, chemical production, fuel cells and carbon dioxide conversion.

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Key People / Management

  Sissi Liu -- CEO and Co-Founder

  Joanna Aizenberg --

  Elijah Shirman -- VP of Technology

  Tanya Shirman -- VP of Materials Design

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