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Luna Innovations Incorporated (AKA:Luna Technologies~Fiber & Sensor Technologies Inc~F&S Inc~Lumin Inc)
Profile last edited on: 3/9/2021

Sensing and instrumentation products: healthcare, telecommunications, energy and defense sectors
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Location Information

301 1st Street SW Suite 200
Roanoke, VA 24011
   (540) 769-8400
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   06
County:   Roanoke city

Public Profile

Luna Innovations Incorporated organizes around fiber optic sensing, and test and measurement products with two operations segments, Products and Licensing, and Technology Development. The Products and Licensing segment offers fiber optic sensing products, test and measurement products to monitor the integrity of fiber optic network components and sub-assemblies, which include optical vector analyzer, optical backscatter reflectometers, and the Phoenix family of tunable lasers; and distributed sensing systems comprising optical distributed sensor interrogator sensing solution with multiple sensors whose inputs are integrated through a fiber optic network and software. This segment also offers optoelectronic solutions for various applications, such as metrology, missile guidance, flame monitoring, temperature sensing, particle detection, color sensing, infrared detection, and other applications; and terahertz sensing systems, which are used to measure and verify physical properties online and in real-time. In addition, this segment conducts applied research in the fiber optic sensing area for corporate and government customers. The Technology Development segment provides applied research for customers principally in the areas of sensing and instrumentation, advanced materials, and health sciences. The company sells its products to telecommunications companies, defense agencies, government system integrators, researchers, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, testing labs, and strategic partners directly, as well as through manufacturer representative organizations, partner and distribution channels, technical sales engineers, value added resellers, and independent sales representatives.

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  My E Chung -- President and Chief Executive Officer

  Scott A Graeff -- President and Chief Executive Officer

  Gustave Anderson --

  Michael Arlen --

  Stephen Baka --

  Benjamin Beck --

  John B Beck --

  Ms Beck --

  Ulli Becker --

  Ulrike Becker --

  Valeriy Bezmelnitsyn --

  Andrew Boulanger -- Mechanical Engineer

  Clark Boyd --

  Nikolai Braun --

  Nathan Brown --

  Mark Bucciero --

  J Paige Buchanan --

  Gheorge Bunget --

  Blaine Butler --

  Brooks Childers --

  Izabela Ciesielska Wrobel --

  Paul A Clark --

  Kevin Cooper --

  Lauren Costella --

  Patrick Cottler --

  Stephen Cravens --

  Michael J Danilich --

  James Dante --

  Matthew Davis --

  Siddhartha De --

  Jeffrey Demo --

  Matthew Dewitt --

  Bryan Dickerson --

  Joel Domino -- former President

  Harry C Dorn --

  Martin Drees --

  Roger G Duncan --

  Steve Engeman --

  Kevin Farinholt --

  Tyler Farnsworth --

  Robert S Fielder --

  Kevin Flanagan --

  Jerry Fleming --

  Fritz Friederdorf --

  Fritz J Friedersdorf --

  Mark E Froggatt -- Chief Technology Officer

  Keith Furrow --

  Paige Furrow --

  Dan Gall --

  James Garrett -- Vice President of Technology Development

  Dawn Gifford --

  Adam Goff --

  Richard Goff --

  Jonathan Graf --

  Jeffrey Grant --

  Jonathan A Greene --

  Michelle Grimm --

  Jonas C Gunter --

  Laura Habersack --

  John Hallman --

  Robert Harman --

  Alan Heaney --

  Joseph S Heyman --

  Marc S Hirsch --

  Brian Holloway --

  Emily Horrell --

  Jianhua Huang --

  Matthew S Hull --

  James Inge --

  Alan Jamison --

  Robert Jeffers --

  Lauri Jenkins --

  Mark E Jones --

  Steve Joslin --

  Jesse Kelly --

  Talfourd H Kemper Jr -- VP and General Counsel

  Christopher L Kepley --

  Dave Kingma --

  Robert Klein --

  Daniel R Klemer --

  Sandra Klute --

  Bryan E Koene --

  Daniel Kominsky --

  Robert Lacovara --

  Evan M Lally --

  Robert P Lenk --

  Ben Lepene --

  Lee W Lerner --

  Siqi Li --

  Hongliang "joe" Liang --

  Garnett S Linkous --

  Yanjing Liu --

  Shufang Luo --

  John E Lynch --

  Ted Lynch --

  Russell G May --

  Geoffrey McCarty -- Vice President of Marketing

  Laura McGrath --

  Mark McKenna --

  Scott A Meller -- former President, Technology Development Division

  Matthew Merrill --

  Dale Messick -- Chief Financial Officer

  Daniel Metrey --

  Tammy Metroke --

  Mark Miller --

  Steven Moore --

  Mark Morton --

  Ashley Mullins --

  Kent A Murphy -- Former president- founder

  Krista Niece --

  Judy Obliosca --

  Osgar "john" Ohanian -- Director, Technology Development

  Shi-Hau Own --

  Matthew E Palmer --

  Paul Panetta --

  Jiebin Pang --

  Daniel Peairs --

  Renee Pedrazzani --

  Michael Pedrick --

  Charles D Pennington --

  Alexandra Poetter --

  Barry Polakowski --

  Michael Pruzan --

  Wade J Pulliam --

  Mateja Putic --

  Mark Radovich --

  Matthew T Reaves --

  Joshua (David) Remer --

  Brian Rife --

  Martin E Rogers --

  Derek Rountree --

  Steven Derek Rountree --

  Eric Sanborn --

  Alex Sang --

  Adel K Sarrafzadeh --

  MrPratik Shah --

  Guoqing Shen --

  Aaron C Small --

  Jeffrey Smith --

  Anthony Spivey --

  J Paige Stevenson --

  Steven A Stevenson --

  Kelly Stinson-Bagby --

  Katie Sucre --

  Nathaniel Talley --

  Carey Tanner -- Principal Investigator

  Emily H Templeton --

  Christopher Tison --

  Daniela Marciu Topasna --

  Omar Torrens --

  Tuan Tran --

  Kevin Urish --

  Mike Usberghi --

  Roger Van Tassell --

  Michael Vercellino --

  Christy Vestal --

  Kelley Virgilio --

  Thomas A Wavering --

  Matthew Webster --

  Chris Westcott --

  Lindsay Woodard --

  Yang Xu --

  Balakishore Yellampalle --

  Guandong "gordon" Zhang --

  Zhiguo Zhou --

  Ziyou Zhou --

  Zhou Ziyou --