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Kitware Inc
Profile last edited on: 8/1/2019

Visualization and Open-Source Software: computer vision, medical imaging and 3D data publishing
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Location Information

1712 Route 9 Suite 300
Clifton Park, NY 12065
   (518) 371-3971
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   20
County:   Saratoga

Public Profile

Kitware, Inc. is focused on open-source software and state of the art technology to provide advanced custom solutions for various complex technical problems in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, visualization, 3D data publishing, and technical software development. The Kitware team has made useful contributions to a variety of open-source software systems, including the Visualization Tookit (VTK), the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), CMake and ParaView, with impact in areas such as visualization, data publishing, medical imaging, quality software process, computer vision, and informatics. Today’s advances in scientific research, engineering design, and knowledge discovery are increasingly being fueled by data-centric computing, however, Kitware's business model is based on the idea that the effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability to collect, store, process, mine, and visualize data. Scientists and analysts require efficient access to data servers that enable clients to access and manage the data repository. Kitware has been a pioneer in the area of open-access scientific data management. Midas, the data management platform developed by the firm, was created to build applications that handle data management problems across many domains.

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Key People / Management

  Lisa Avila -- CEO

  John Tourtellott -- President

  Venkata Sreekanth Arikatla --

  Charles Atkins --

  Michel Albert Audette --

  Rick Avila -- Senior Director of Healthcare Solutions

  Utkarsh Ayachit -- Technical Lead for ParaView

  Stephen R Aylward -- Senior Director of Operations

  Jeffrey Baumes -- Data Scientist

  Aaron Bray -- Staff Research And Development Engineer

  Matthew Brown --

  Nathan D Cahill --

  Andrej Cedilnik --

  Aashish Chaudhary --

  Roni Choudhury --

  Kevin Robert Cleary --

  Brian Clipp -- Staff R&D Engineer

  Roderic Collins --

  Matthew Dawkins --

  Andinet A Enquobahrie --

  Keith Fieldhouse --

  Samuel Gerber --

  Berk Geveci -- Senior Director of Scientific Computing

  Michael Grauer --

  Claudine Hagen -- CFO

  Marcus D Hanwell --

  William Hoffman -- Co-Founder ; Chief Technical Officer

  Anthony Hoogs -- Senior Director of Computer Vision

  Julien Jomier --

  Sebastien Jourdain --

  Charles Law -- Co-Founder ; Board of Directors

  Charles Law -- Vice President of Strategic Growth

  Yueh Z Lee --

  Matthew Leotta -- Technical Leader

  Marius George Linguraru --

  David Manthey --

  Ken Martin -- Co-Founder ; Former Chairman

  Scott McCloskey --

  Matthew Mccormick --

  Chet Nieter -- Staff R&D Engineer

  Robert M O'Bara --

  Patrick O'Leary -- Assistant Director of Scientific Computing

  Mark L Palmeri --

  Beatriz Paniagua --

  Amitha Perera --

  William J Schroeder -- Co-Founder ; Former President ; Board of Directors

  Eric Smtih --

  Martin Andreas Styner --

  Zhaouhui Harry Sun -- Research & Development Engineer

  Eran Swears -- Technical Leader

  David Thompson --

  Matthew Turek -- Assistant Director of Computer Vision

  Jared Vicory --

  Jeff Webb -- Staff Research and Development Engineer

  David F Yankelevitz --