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Intelligent Automation Inc (AKA:Iai)
Profile last edited on: 5/27/2022

Big Data analytics, Control & Signal Processing, Cyber Security, Education & Training, Networks & Communications, Robotics
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Location Information

15400 Calhoun Drive Suite 190
Rockville, MD 20855
   (301) 294-5200
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   06
County:   Montgomery

Public Profile

Intelligent Automation, Inc. ("IAI") is longtime SBIR-involved firm though with a new management team now in place. In August 2019, it was announced that BlueHalo -- a provider of advanced engineering solutions and technology to the national security community - had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Intelligent Automation, Inc. As a firm, Intelligent Automation had more recently been continuing the IAI tradition of technology R&D addressing technological requirements of both federal government and commercial clients. Products have include CybelePro, an intelligent agent framework; DCF Pro, a distributed robotics platform; Argus, an electronic fence based asset protection solution; KTG, an air traffic target generator; Gradations, a Web-based intelligent tutor; Wirecheck, a wire fault diagnosis tool; RFNest, a wireless network simulation tool; Proteus, a sensor management client; and GISTe, an open source GIS tool. The company also provides products forum and Wiki; and consulting, and engineering and information technology services. Technologies include two-and three-dimensional forensics imaging equipment for matching bullets, platforms and tools for the development of agent-based systems, perimeter security systems, scheduling systems for changing environments, tools for fault diagnosis and prognosis in complex systems, ad hoc mobile network protocols, and automated tutoring systems for literacy training. The company develops sensors, signals, and systems, such as forensic technology, robotics and electromechanical systems, sensing and communication, signal processing, and health capabilities; distributed intelligent systems, including multi-agent systems and architectures, air traffic management, networks and security, and data mining and social media analytics; and education and training technology solutions, which include skills training, situational awareness, standards integration, and intelligent tutoring. In some contrast but with obvius overlap, as a company BlueHalo has been purpose-built to provide industry-leading capabilities in the domains of Space Superiority and Directed Energy, Air and Missile Defense and C4ISR, and Cyber and Intelligence offering engineering sevices to develop, transition, and field next-generation capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of the client's critical missions. It would appear lkely that the acquired firm will remain SBIR-elgile and involved.

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Key People / Management

  Leonard S Haynes -- Founder and President

  Vikram Manikonda -- President and CEO

  Peter Abeles --

  Nof Abuzainab -- Research Scientist

  Richard Adams --

  Gahng-Seop Ahn -- Lead Scientist

  Mehdi Amiri -- Senior Scientist

  Daniel Ashley --

  Kyle Ashley -- Robotics Scientist

  Sricharan Ayyalasomayajula --

  Babak Azimi-Sadjadi --

  Benjamin Bachrach -- Vice President, Sensors, Signals, and Systems Division

  Ercan Balikci --

  Shannon L Beltz --

  Marcos A Bergamo --

  Phillip Berkowitz --

  Geoffrey Bernstein -- Vice President, Information Technology

  Arvind Bhat --

  Alexey Bogaevskiy --

  Christine Bredfeldt --

  Gregory Briskin -- Associate Director

  Benjamin P Carlson --

  Mum Wei Chen --

  Peter Chen -- Senior Director, Advance Technology

  Yi Cheng --

  Rosenthal Chertoff --

  Evan Clark --

  Michael Clark --

  Maice Costa --

  Naresh Cuntoor -- Senior Research Scientist

  Kemal Davaslioglu -- Research Scientist

  Alexander Davydov --

  Julia (Hongmei) Deng --

  Lei Ding --

  Ziad El Jamous --

  Yoichiro Endo -- Director, Robotics and Electromechanical Systems

  Kutluhan Erol --

  Tugba Erpek --

  Patrick Evaldsson --

  Hong-Bing Fei --

  Gordon Franken -- Senior Robotics Engineer

  Pan Gao --

  Zheng Geng --

  Ilene Godsey -- Vice President General Counsel

  Philip J Goetz --

  Alexander Grushin --

  Tuna Guven --

  Hao Han --

  David Handelman --

  Raqibul Hasan -- Research Scientist

  Jacqueline A Haynes -- Founder and Executive Vice President

  Jakob Henriksson --

  Lisa Holt --

  Pedram Hovareshti --

  Chung-Jen Hsu --

  Yik-Kiong (Yk) Hue -- Lead Scientist

  Ade Hutapea --

  Joseph Iseman --

  Mark James --

  Ziad El Jamous -- Senior Research Engineer

  Eric Jensen --

  Eric Jensen -- Lead Engineer

  Shijun Jiang --

  Tao Jiang --

  Guang Jin -- Lead Scientist

  Timothy Judkins --

  Sung Jung --

  Bridget Kennedy --

  Catherine Kennedy --

  Nikolay Kharin --

  Brandon Knapp -- Senior Research Engineer

  Robert Kohout --

  Vivek Kumar --

  Chris Kurcz --

  Kyung Joon Kwak -- Lead Scientist

  Chi-Keung Kwan -- Director of Research & Development

  Chieh-Ping Lai -- Research Scientist

  Rich Leblanc --

  John M Leddo -- former president

  Mun Wai Lee --

  Renato Levy -- Executive VP, Strategy and Processe

  Binghal Li --

  Binghui Li --

  Fang Li --

  Hongjun (Jason) Li -- VP R&D; Senior Director, Networks & Security

  Xiaokun Li --

  Bin Lin --

  Chujen Lin -- Vice President, Research and Development Senior Director, Sensing and Communicat

  Yanqing Lin --

  Chunyi Liu -- VP of Product Engineering

  Xiong Liu --

  Shahin Lotfabadi -- Senior Engineer

  Song Luo --

  Margaret Lyell --

  David Mayhew --

  Shannon Beltz Mayhew --

  Mihai Mehedint --

  Gang Mei -- Lead Research Scientist

  Donald R Myers --

  Ali Namazi --

  Jyotirmaya Nanda --

  Ram M Narayanan --

  Tung Nguyen --

  Wendy Nicholas --

  Nikhil Nigam -- Lead Scientist

  Wilbur Peng --

  Banibatra Poddar -- Research Scientist

  Robert Pokorny --

  Satya Ponnaluri --

  Kevin Q Qi --

  Jinglu Qiao --

  Sridhar Ramakrishnan --

  Vahid Ramezani --

  Sendil Rangaswamy --

  Priya Ranjan --

  Akshay Rao --

  Olga Ratsimor --

  Yu-Jiun Ren --

  Shamus Roeder --

  M Rosenthal --

  Yaroslav Ryabov -- Research Scientist

  Yalin Sagduyu --

  Michel Santos --

  Goutam Satapathy --

  Onur Savas --

  Joseph E Schwartz -- former CEO

  Tom Shculien -- Chief Financial Officer

  Yi Shi --

  Sohraab Soltani --

  Sava Stanic --

  Bryan Stewart --

  Kun Sun --

  Kaizhi Tang --

  Yuye Tang --

  Geoff Taylor --

  Judkins Timothy --

  Devendra Tolani --

  Marc Toplin --

  Ankit Tyagi --

  Jody Underwood --

  Eric van Doorn -- Chief Scientist

  Sergey Voronin -- Senior Scientist

  Wal Wai Lee --

  Sherry Wang --

  Chuck Wheeler --

  Frederick Wieland --

  Dan Xiang --

  Peng Xie -- Lead Scientist

  Feng Xu --

  Roger Xu -- Vice President, Research and Development Senior Director, Signal Processing and

  Justin Yackoski --

  Hui Zeng --

  Frank Zhang --

  Guangfan Zhang --

  Xiaodong Zhang --

  Yan Zhang --

  Xiaoliang Zhao --

  Xiaoliang (George) Zhao -- Senior Research Engineer

  Xiangrong (Sean) Zhou -- Lead Research Scientist

  Xianyang Zhu --