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ICx Photonics

Profile last edited on: 6/13/17
215 First Street Suite 104
Cambridge, MA 02142
  (617) 441-8871
Business Identifier: Gas sensors, IR sources, component supplier
Public Profile:
In October 2005, Ion Optics Inc was acquired by ICx Technologies Inc. Now doing business as ICx Photonics, in September 2010 the firm was acquired by Flir in cash transaction. Still doing business as ICx Phonotices, the firm provides textured foil IR light sources and MEMS based IR sources and gas sensors which allow for the spectral tuning of IR emission, absorption and transmission. They offer 3 categories of products: 1. textured foil IR light sources which are high power broadband IR emitters (pulsIR™ and reflectIR™) 2. Spectrally tuned IR light sources using our MEMS technology (tunIR™ and markIR™) 3. Gas specific gas sensors using the firm's MEMS technology (SensorChip™ and SensorChip™ CO2 4P) Ion Optics, d/b/a ICx Photonics, first introduced the concept of surface texturing material for improved infrared (IR) emission, absorption, and transmission in 1998 with the pulsIR™ family of IR sources. Widely used as IR light sources, pulsIR™ and the associated reflectIR™ products are used as an IR source for NDIR gas sensing systems as well as for IR beacons and markers in defense and other applications. They feature a textured metal foil filament in a variety of packaging configurations. ICx Photonics has developed patented photonic crystal technology (PCE), which allows for precise wavelength tuning of the emission and absorption of a silicon surface. When implemented on a MEMS (micro-mechanical machine system) chip, this technology is incorporated in a number of product families. The tunIR™ family of IR sources is a precise wavelength tuned emitter for gas sensing and other applications. The markIR™ family offers wavelength selective IR markers and beacons for defense and identification applications in both the 3-5µ and 8-12µ wave bands. SensorChip™ products use the tuned and matched absorption and transmission characteristics of MEMS devices to offer accurate, reliable, low power, and low-cost MEMS-based IR gas sensors to detect toxic and combustible gases in industrial environments, automobiles, public and commercial buildings. We have now taken this gas sensor and incorporated it into industry standard 4P housing. This is a self contained module with integrated optics and electronics in a small cylinder 16mm tall and 20mm in diameter. The company had been known as Ion Optics since its formation in 1995 and was renamed in 2007 to mark the successful integration of Ion Optics into the ICx group and to coincide with a move to a larg

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