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IBIS Technology Corporation
Profile last edited on: 9/11/2015

semiconductor devices and wafers
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32a Cherry Hill Drive
Danvers, MA 01923
   (978) 777-4247
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   06
County:   Essex

Public Profile

In early 2009, shareholders voted to liquidate the company. Pursuant to which the company is in the process of selling its assets. Previously, the firm had ben engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing Separation by IMplantation of Oxygen (SIMOX), a form of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) implantation equipment for the semiconductor industry worldwide. SIMOX creates an insulating oxide barrier below the top surface of a silicon wafer. The company's proprietary oxygen implanters produce SIMOX-SOI wafers by implanting oxygen atoms just below the surface of a silicon wafer to create a very thin layer of silicon dioxide between the thin operating region of the transistor at the surface and the underlying silicon wafer itself. The buried layer of silicon dioxide acts as an insulator for the devices fabricated on the surface of the silicon wafer and reduces the electrical current leakage, as well as helps to reduce the heat generated by the transistors. Its SIMOX-SOI wafers and the finished integrated circuits are used for various commercial applications, including servers and workstations; portable and desktop computers; entertainment devices, such as TVs and game consoles; wireless communications and battery powered feature rich hand held devices, including cell phones; and harsh-environment electronics.makes oxygen ion implanters used to produce specialized, silicon-based wafers through a process called separation by implantation of oxygen, silicon-on-insulator (SIMOX-SOI). SIMOX-SOI integrated circuits (ICs), which are faster and consume less power than conventional silicon chips, are used in auto electronics, cell phones, computer servers and workstations, game consoles, telecommunications networking gear, and TVs.

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  Craig R Jalberg -- President

  Geoffrey Ryding -- CEO

  Michael Alles --

  Maria J Anc --

  Bernard Cordis --

  Wader Krull --

  Martin J Reid -- Former President

  Peter M Sandow --

  Andrew B Wittcer --

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