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Ginkgo Bioworks Inc (AKA:Primus)
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Business Identifier: Genetically engineer new microbes for tflavor, fragrance, and food industries AND crop treatments, and pharmaceuticals.
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Location Information

27 Drydock Avenue Floor 8
Boston, MA 02210
   (814) 422-5362
Location: Single
Congr. District: 08
County: Suffolk

Public Profile

Ginkgo BioWorks, Inc. (NASDAQ:DNA) is synthetic-biology firm engaged in biological engineering: automating the process of building biological machines - engineering new organisms to solve challenges across a range of industry-type from fuels to pharmaceutical production. The firm's efforts include developing volatile genetically encoded reporters for the real-time monitoring of cellular health and production capacity during therapeutic proteins manufacturing; conducting R&D to develop IP for DNA assembly technology for ITI life sciences; and developing BioBrick assembly kit in the synthetic biology tools space to support an open standard in biotechnology. Its works also include strategic consulting; custom DNA construction and design support for academic labs; engineering the bacterium E. coli to produce liquid transportation fuels from electricity and carbon dioxide; and redesigning the MIT parts registry for browsing available parts and devices. Early in 2018, details were announced of the startup designated Joyn Bio, the joint venture between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks, The partners, along with hedge fund Viking Global Investors, are collectively investing $100 million in the venture,,The new company will manufacture microbial products using synthetic biology, to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers that farmers need to apply to crops. Bayer’s know-how combined with Ginkgo’s manufacturing capabilities will allow the company to produce biologicals at 50- to 100-times the strength of products currently available on the market. In July 2022 it was announced that Ginko Bioworks has acquired Zymergen for $3

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2016 2 NSF $1,464,964
Project Title: Novel Proteolysis-based Tools for Metabolic Engineering of Amino Acid Producing Strains
2015 1 NSF $179,999
Project Title: Creating Plant Inspired Fragrences Via Fermentation
2014 2 DARPA $1,900,000
Project Title: Controlling Antibiotic Resistance by Vaccinating Bacterial Populations
2013 1 NIH $150,000
Project Title: Microbial Platform for Accessing Plant Alkaloids
2012 1 NSF $180,000
Project Title: Bioproduction of Feedstock Amino Acids

Key People / Management

  Reshma Shetty -- President

  Patrick Boyle

  Barry Canton -- Co-Founder

  Austin Che -- Founder

  Austin Che -- Founder

  Joseph Davis

  Curt Fischer

  Meredith Fisher -- Former Business Development

  Jason Kelly -- Founder

  Tom Knight -- Founder

  Reshma Shetty -- Co-founder