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Fantom Materials Inc
Profile last edited on: 2/21/2018

Advanced ceramics manufacturing:CVP producing high-purity silicon carbide materials for aerospace & commercial optics applications.
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Location Information

3038 Aukele Street
Lihue, HI 96766
   (808) 245-6465
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   02
County:   Kauai

Public Profile

Headquartered in Hawaii but with faciities also in MA, NM and PA, Fantom Materials, Inc. develops and commercializes a wide variety of high technology platforms for diverse customer base of aerospace and semiconductor fabrication partners including defense agencies. The firm's technologies include their own CVC SiC®, HoneySiC®, and an assortment of optical coatings. Fantom’s CVC® process Fantom’s CVC® process produces several high performance, high purity materials including CVC SiC®. The primary applications for CVC SiC have been in: ultrahigh performance reflective optics, telescopes, and optical systems; semiconductor processing; and a variety of wear related applications involving extreme temperatures and/or environments. These applications, and many others, take advantage of our material’s unique performance property set that combines high purity, high temperature & chemical resistance, high stiffness, low absolute density, high strength, and ultra polishable surfaces without need for cladding. Fantom’s HoneySiC® is a family of additively manufactured composite materials that have been designed to offer extremely light weight, stiff, and low cost structures. The ability to tailor the thermal expansion of these materials has allowed Fantom to fabricate large 3-D structures that have near zero thermal expansion across a wide range of temperatures or to match the CTE of other low expansion materials like ULE glasses and several other silica-based low expansion glasses. Fantom Materials has also developed several other material systems for a variety of advanced applications including radiation hard coatings and ultrahigh temperature materials. Fantom has expanded upon its patented CVC process to fabricate near net shape structured from several ultrahigh temperature materials, primarily in the boride and carbide families. The firm's team of scientists have also developed several series of optical coatings that have proven to be able to combine high reflectivity with high radiation hardness for a variety of wavelengths and energy levels.

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2017 2 NASA $874,915
Ultra-Stable Zero-CTE HoneySiC and H2CMN Mirror Support Structures

Key People / Management

  Vicki Fischer -- CEO

  William Fischer III -- President and CTO

  Steve Sivakoff -- Director of Business Development

  Fred Styer --

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