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Fairchild Imaging Inc
Profile last edited on: 1/16/2020

Solid-state electronic imaging components
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1841 Zanker Road Suite 50
San Diego, CA 95112
   (650) 479-5749
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   19
County:   Santa Clara

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With a corporate history going back over a century begining with American scientist and industrialist Sherman Fairchild inventing a novel camera shutter/lens system and timing mechanism that enabled accurate aerial photography for the first time, through various Fairchild entities with various foci and several M&A transactions, the SBIR elements in that history began in 2001 with the founding of Fairchild Imaging and their first associated DOD (Army andNavy) awards in 2005 (4 Phase I and 3 Phase IIs). (Re-)acquired by BAE Systems in January 2011. Fairchild Imaging operates under a fabless semiconductor business model to design, develop and manufacturer image sensors and imaging systems. With a portfolio of image sensors found in many high performance imaging applications, the firm also provides custom designed sensor solutions for customers with unique requirements. Fairchild Imaging sensors can be found enabling astronomical discoveries (e.g., Hubble Space Telescope and Mars Rover), powering today’s most demanding scientific cameras in research laboratories, and capturing big budget feature films and broadcasts. As their management note, Fairchild Imaging allows to be seen what not be visble any other way.

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