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Epicore Biosystems Inc
Profile last edited on: 5/2/2022

Wearable microfluidics platform: non-invasively tracking health, wellness, and performance.
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810 Memorial Drive Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02139
   (857) 529-7776
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   07
County:   Middlesex

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Epicore Biosystems - a relative newcomer to the SBIR arena - is structured around development of a wearable microfluidics platform that non-invasively tracks health, wellness, and performance: personalized hydration and metabolic health. The approach is anchored in tracking the biochemical/digital biomarkers that underpin performance and health by utilizing wearable microfluidic sensors. Describing one aspect of what the firm does involves a product enabling athletes to optimize hydration and refuel after exercise, Epicore Biosystems Inc has developed a proprietary sweat microfluidic sensing platform that is ‘skin-like’, low-cost, and capable of analyzing small droplets of sweat directly from the skin. Designated the Gx Sweat Patch, the leading product is a wearable patch that - paired with an easy-to-use software app - in real time provides the User personalized recommendations re. optimizing hydration after exercise. Anchored in over two decades of microfluidic and soft materials research in Prof. John Rogers'? Laboratory at Northwestern University's Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics, Epicore Biosystems is reported as having recently signed a partnership with a leading Fortune 100 global brand to commercialize the first-ever, single-use sweat analytics system for athletes. The company’s sweat microfluidic platform has been deployed with professional sports teams (NBA, NFL, and MLB), military research labs, and across multiple clinical study programs, including stroke, skin health, stress, fatigue, and kidney health.

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  Roozbeh Ghaffari -- Founder and

  Alexander Aranyosi -- Chief Scientific Officer, SVP Research and Digital Science Co-Founder

  Stephen Lee -- Chief Technology Officer, SVP Technology Co-Founder

  Weihua Li -- Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

  Jeff Model -- Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

  Milan Raj -- Co-Founder, Former Milan is a 15+ year veteran of the wireless sensor and IoT in

  John Rogers -- Advisor, Co-Founder

  Don Wright -- Director, Translational Research and Development

  John Wright -- Chief Operating Officer, SVP Translational Research and Development