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CFD Research Corporation (AKA: Computational Fluid Dynamics Research~E Combustors~CFDRC)
Profile last edited on: 5/2/2023      CAGE: 0DEW1      UEI: V3KCP1HNFM33

Business Identifier: Long time established R&D firm developing software and test evaluation tools for systems engineering
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Location Information

6820 Moquin Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
   (256) 361-0811
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Madison

Public Profile

Originally anchored in modeling and simulation, in software, test and evaluation,engineering, data science and design services, in common with several other long-term (and early) SBIR involved firms, CFD Research (CFD Research Corporation) became program active coincident with founding and has remained fully involved over the now several decades of SBIR operations. Specializing in engineering simulations and innovative designs appicable inmany arenas - aerospace, biomedical, defense, materials, energy, etc - the firm's personnel are adept at using developed software and experimental facilities to yield new hardware concepts, innovative designs, and prototypes. With a substantial patent portfolio - awarded or pending - in areas as diverse as biotechnology, combustion, propulsion, and materials, the firm's capabilities allow coupled multiscale, multiphysics simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical phenomena for real-world applications. Such simulations provide insights into complex systems, enabling better decisions and facilitating better products with lower risk, reduced cost, and less time.

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Awards Distribution by Agency

Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
1709548628 2 Army $999,924
Project Title: Real-time Volumetric Weather/Propagation Loss Model
1709470104 2 Army $999,913
Project Title: Software Tool for Accurate and Rapid Load Analysis and Design of Experiments
2023 1 Navy $139,967
Project Title: Defect Detection from In-situ Monitoring of LPBF Additive Manufacturing
2023 1 NASA $149,919
Project Title: High-Order Solution Methods for Aerothermodynamic Flow Simulations on Unstructured Meshes
2023 1 Navy $139,986
Project Title: Compliant Deployable Antennae for Hypersonic Vehicles

Key People / Management

  Sameer Singhal -- President/CEO

  Sangeeta Singnal -- Chief Executive Officer

  Ragini Acharya -- Senior Principal Scientist

  Mark V Andrews

  Robert Arslanbekov

  Mahesh M Athavale

  Aditya Bedekar

  Ketan Bhatt -- Senior Research Engineer

  Lisa Bielen

  David L Black

  John Bossard

  Steven M Cannon

  Stephen Cayson -- Chief Operating Officer

  Partha Chakraborty

  Grace Chen

  Z J Chen

  Pyoungho Choi

  William J Coirier

  James V Cole

  Vernon Cole

  Zachery Coppens

  Jackson Cornelius

  Joseph M Cosumano -- President; Chief Executive Officer

  Scott D Crocker

  Julia Dark

  Tim Dawson

  Bryce Devine

  Paul Dionne

  Jayesh Doshi

  Joe Edington

  Gabrial Elliott

  Alexander Fedoseyev -- Senior Principal Engineer

  David French -- Chief Financial Officer

  Ray Fuller

  David Gaddes

  Manuel Gale

  Teja Garimella

  Carrie German

  Ashok Gidwani

  Stephen Giles -- Senior Research Engineer

  M G Girdharan

  Carrie Guerman

  Sami D Habchi -- Executive Vice President, Aerospace & Defense Solutions

  Nathan S Hariharan

  Vincent J Harrand -- Vice President, IP & Technology Commercialization

  Robert Harris

  Andreas Hieke

  Andreas Hoffie -- Research Engineer

  Gary S Hufford

  Andrew Huggins

  Jerry Jenkins

  Andrew Kaminsky -- Senior Engineer

  Ravishekar Kannan

  James A Keenan

  Gerry Kingsley

  Vladimir Kolobov

  Ryan Kosier

  Sivaramakrishnan Krishnamoorthy

  Anantha Krishnan

  Will Krolick

  Hyunwook Kwak

  Yong Lai

  Lap Man Lee

  Michael E Lee -- Principal Engineer

  Andy D Leonard

  Dmytro Levko

  Peter Liever

  Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

  Samuel A Lowry

  Vinod B Makhijani

  Sai Marella

  Sandip Mazumder

  Ranjan S Mehta

  Karl Meredith

  Ranjan S Metha

  C R Mitchell

  Shiladitya Mukherjee

  David Newsome

  Dan A Nickolaus

  Paul Northrop

  Charles Olling

  Mark J Ostrander

  Samuel F Owens

  Paul Palies

  B P Pandian

  Kapil Pant -- Vice President, Biomedical & Energy Technologies

  Hanumantharao Paritala

  Deborah Phipps

  Nathaniel Pickle -- Research Scientist

  Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian

  Andrezej J Przekwas -- Chief Technology Officer; Senior Vice President, Research

  Vineet Rakesh

  Ashok Raman -- Principal Engineer

  Deborah Michele Ramsey

  Henry (Hongjun) Ran

  Sarm Rani

  Jacob Reed -- Senior Research Scientist

  Debbie Reeves

  Kevin Roehm -- Research Scientist

  Paulien Esther Roos

  Jenna Rosano

  Elise Schultz

  Mariana Scott

  Keith Sedberry

  Ed Semmes -- Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

  Debasis Sengupta -- Technical Fellow

  Essam F Sheta

  John M Siegel

  Zbigniew Sikorski

  Narender Singh

  Anuj Singhal

  Clifford E Smith

  Madadevabharath Somayaji

  Hongjun Song -- Senior Research Engineer

  S Alan Spring

  Philip J Stout

  Kay Sun -- Sr.Research Scientist

  Shivshankar E Sundaram

  Vojtech Svoboda

  Chris Talley

  X G Tan -- Senior Principal Engineer

  Matthew E Thomas -- Vice President, Propulsion & Power

  Richard Thoms -- Manager, Technology Partnerships

  Abhijit Tosh

  Craig Turansky

  Jenny Ulyanova

  Ravishankar R Vallabhajosyula -- Principal Scientist

  Jeroen van der Zijp

  Zachary Van Zandt -- Project Engineer

  Alexsey Vasenkov

  Vinod Venugopalan

  Guiren Wang

  Yi Wang

  Z J Wang

  Rae Waxman

  JianJun Wei

  Phillip E Whitley

  Isaac Wolfe

  Carl J Wordelman

  Fan Wu

  Michael Wymore

  H Q Yang

  Enchao Yu

  Alex Zhou

  Ning Zhou

  Xianlian Zhou -- Senior Research Scientist